removing index.php messing up site

I have installed C5 successfully and when I go to system settings and "remove index.php" then the site gets completely messed up. At that point I go back to the home page and from there I can't go anywhere, not even back to the dashboard. I have installed C5 many many times and have removed index.php and have never had this issue.

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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
It should tell you the .htaccess code to put in in the root of your website. Version 8 doesn't install that code automatically for some reason.
dhermes replied on at Permalink Reply
My bad, I didn't mention that this is
I just did an install last week and had no problems, but it was a different server.
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
A few things to check

1) You should be able to access any page by manually typing index.php as the first part of the path of the url, Assuming you can, try clearing and disabling the cache - particularly if full page caching is enabled.

2) Has the .htaccess file actually been written or uploaded to the site's document root?

3) Does this server actually support mod_rewrite?

4) Does this server allow the processing of .htaccess files? An easy way to find out is to replace .htaccess with some other text file containing any old rubbish. If it is processing them, you should receive a 500 server error because the file will now have incorrect information in it.