some problems with installation

hi there,

i've just downloaded the .zip file and when I open it I got this 'concrete5.0.0' folder. Well, i've unzipped this on my /Sites directory (I'm on a mac) and whenever I try to change that folder name, let's say I want to name it 'mysite', it keeps adding an annoying .0 at the end. It's bizarre as it looks like 'mysite' on the Finder but if I try to access it ashttp://localhost/mysite/ I get a 404 not found error. Only works if I use this URLhttp://localhost/mysite.0/

If I open a terminal shell I can check that in fact the directory is named 'mysite.0', despite the fact that from Finder I renamed it as 'mysite'. Why is that?

Secondly, I'm getting pretty confused with the installation screen, which values should I use??:

BASE URL =http://localhost/mysite/
BASE URL =http://localhost/mysite.0/

and the most confusing part..

Subdirectory for site:






At some point I managed to install it, but some of the elements of the control pannel were not working. For example the 'LOGOUT' didn't work and it was sending me to the 404 not found page.


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ibagur replied on at Permalink Reply
well, in the end i managed, but i had to create a new folder appart, and copy into it the whole contents of the 'concrete5.0.0' folder, and the get rid of it.

BASE URL:http://localhost
Subdirectory: /concrete

and it worked.

Another problem I've found it's that C5 it gives me a default password for the 'admin' user, but how do I change that password? If I go to the Dashboard and click on Users, the 'admin' user doesn't appear do I edit it?. Finally I managed to find the 'admin' user by using the Search User Account box, and entering my email there (the one I provided when I installed C5). By doing that the user 'admin' finally appeared and I managed to edit it in order to change the access password.

Is this a bug of my installation? Shouldn't be an easier way in order to access the 'admin' account, being that the first it is created?

wesyah234 replied on at Permalink Reply
That's the only way I found to change the admin password too...
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Right now this is the only way to change the admin password. We like making them auto-generated when installation happens, but we haven't gotten around to making it a bit easier to discover how to change them once you get into the dashboard. I imagine a navigation item in the users section that says "My Profile" (or something similar) that takes you directly to your user record, w/the ability to edit and update it, would be enough.