Stripe Payment Addon v1.0 for Communityshop not working C5 8.5.4

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I have a community shop installation which runs fine so far.
The invoice payment works as well and I had the Stripe Payment addon installed and working on a different server as well.
Now I moved the complete installation to a different server. All configurations were fitted and changed (the stripe settings as well) and the invoice orders work well as well.
The Stripe orders however don't.
The payment page is loaded and it seems to process the payment but once the page /pament/complete is loaded and the currently submitted order is shown, this page stays in a loop of reloading and no order confirmation or notification is sent.
This is working in Stripe Test Mode but not in Live Mode...
I uninstalled the payment package and downloaded the current version from GitHub but wasn't able to install. It shows as unknown package (the name of the package has an added "_master" in the name. When I try the same with the other version (1.0) I can install it but I get the malfunction.

Any ideas what to check or change or do?
I'm quite helpless at the moment and the shop is online...
Thx very much

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you talking about the Stripe Checkout add-on:

Or, are you talking about the older Stripe one (which has a small popup) at:

In either case, make sure you download a 'release' from github, which is a pre-configured zip with the right folder name and resources. If you get _master in the folder name it means you've downloaded the actual master branch zip, which isn't what you want to use for actual deployment.

As for the actual issue, if you can get it working under test mode, it should be able to work in live mode, as there's very little difference between the modes. Double check you have the correct API keys in place. Also, check your concrete5 log in the dashboard for any clues.
stephanaust replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Thank you very much for your reply.

I'm using the version that's jumping to the full page Stripe Payment page.
What is very strange that the paments now go through but there is no notification triggered in the shop. So neither the customer gets one nore the shop owner.
I have to check at the Stripe admin page to see whether the payment went through and then can change the payment status and trigger the notifications manually in shops BE.

The most noticable behaviour is the constant reloading loop the checkoutresponse page runs into after the payment is finished.

At Stripe I can see errors for every payment coming in related to the response page (I attached some screen shots)

The only message I can see in the logs is this:
Exception Occurred: /home/sollasbo/public_html/concrete/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/ORMException.php:294 The identifier oID is missing for a query of Concrete\Package\CommunityStore\Src\CommunityStore\Order\Order (0)
mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
So that's Stripe Checkout then

The main thing to check here is that the Signing Secret Key configured in the dashboard for the payment methods matches the one you have in the Stripe dashboard for _live_ mode.

Whilst there are seperate fields for test and live mode in terms of the API keys, there's only one field for the Signing Secret Key, and you need to make sure that you swap that value over for the live one against your Webhook. If it works in test mode, but not in live mode, I'm pretty sure that's the issue.

(PS - it's on my todo list to have seperate fields for live and test Signing Secret Key, it was simply overlooked)
stephanaust replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah - OK thx for that I still had that key for the test webhook in there.
It wasn't really easy to see the relation and yes, a second field for the second key would be good as there the two each above.
I changed that now and wait until the next real order as I have transaction fees now for a lot of live testings which were cancelled afterwards :-)

Thank you very much!
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Fantastic, glad to hear it's working for you now.

I've updated the add-on to have two seperate keys now, I've pushed up a new release:

Probably no need to update your copy if it's working, that's really the only addition I've made.
stephanaust replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes thank you again for your help it does work now as new orders are comig in.
Thx for the update as well.
I may use it later. So far I'm happy it's working right now ;-)
Best wishes