stuck can't remember Database info to install on website

Can you please help, i think someone helped me before with this, I can't remember the format for Database info once Concrete 5 is uploaded to the site and I know it is a format of what i'm entering, like do i need http:// or something else in front of the database name?

I have below basic info in this section:
Server: 10.123.... (should this be My SQL User: (i'm using the main login)
My SQL Password: (is this my main password for above website or just my database password of below)
Database name; king_1

I'm getting error: SQLSTATE[HY000][2002] Connection refused

Thank you Very much!!!!!!

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Kingzucka2 replied on at Permalink Reply
I remember from last time I think my Database Name is incorrect, off memory it should be in a different format like myslqusername_databasename, or maybe it is myslquser.databasename, or : in between, if I hack it i'll put it up, thanks for your help, i need to get some karma so will try to assist others
Kingzucka2 replied on at Permalink Reply
I found my old notes which helped me last time, hopefully this will help someone else...i'm actually still having the issue as I must have modified below info, but here are my notes as i had a format issue, I changed things around to protect identity, but for me I had to list the database name_database name
mysql database:king_King
mysql user:king_King
mysql password: Ieatchicken12
Kingzucka2 replied on at Permalink Reply
I got help from RI designs/hosting company so this is solved hopefully helps someone out there, kind of odd because it is different now no more double name with a _ and now using localhost

mysql server: localhost
mysql database:king
mysql user:king
mysql password: Ieatchicken12

my database and user are the same thing which is my database name