Stuck with Apache2.4 and Php7 on Windows 7

I'm stuck
I can't get past the 'Install' page on Concrete as it reports the following errors:
MSQL PDO Extension
FileInfo Extension
Image Manipulation
Internatioanlization Support

I have tried adding extensions, restarting, etc but I end up at the same place.
I have attached the php.ini and screenshot from the install of Concrete

I have tried other forums etc but they all get circular.
You help and knowledge gratefully received.

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weyboat replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Look in your php.ini file for
; Dynamic Extensions ;

below this you will find extensions that can be enabled by removing the preceding ;
From this

To this

Don't forget to remove your code at the bottom of the file and restart the server..
Updated php.ini is attached
jemt replied on at Permalink Reply
The solution is the php7 uni file doesn’t have the extension_dir set
So after adding extensions pho doesn’t find them