The "connect to community" page is blank

Hi all!

I have just installed Concrete5 for the first time.
Now I have created an account in the community and I want to connect my page. But when I click on dashboard and "themes" or any other way, to get to the "connect to community" page. It is all blank!
I have tested it in all the browser I know, same everywhere.
(it happend the same with all the turtorial movies in the startpage)
Here is a screenshot:

Anyone can help me?

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AIDevelopment replied on at Permalink Reply
johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi taasaasen,

Have you tried clearing the cache? It seems to have worked for this guy:

Here is a walk through guide I did:

I hope this helps,
julia replied on at Permalink Reply
The screenshot seems to be gone. Are you still having that problem after clearing your site cache?