transfer from local to production server, got an error.

Hello, I'm trying to transfer my website from my local pc to the production server. I have successfully transferred the database and all the concrete5 files. When I try to connect to the website I get an HTTP ERROR 500. I crawled the nginx error log and I found the error:

PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Method Concrete\Core\Asset\JavascriptLocalizedAsset::__toString() must not throw an exception in /home/public_html/concrete5-8.4.1/concrete/src/View/View.php on line 0" while reading response header from upstream

what's wrong with my installation?

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tobyme replied on at Permalink Reply
I just got this message and cannot get a local MAMP install to deploy remotely.

Any ideas? Solutions? Totally stuck with deploying my work.

It is a local and remote environment I have used plenty before without issue.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Typical issues are:
- Cache. Easiest fix is to disable cache before copying a site.
- Different php versions
- Forgetting to point to new database
- File/Directory ownership and permissions on target
- Different php or mysql .ini or other configuration settings
- Forgetting to copy some files. This is especially easy if doing the whole lot by FTP without zipping everything together first.
gordonc200 replied on at Permalink Reply
Having encountered installation issues especially when moving between servers I can confirm John's answer is the best.
growlrooed replied on at Permalink Reply
Howdy. Did you ever figure out the solutions to this problem.

I am trying to deploy a CC5 site in a similar way and am getting the exact same problem.

Update: Never mind I figured it out: After making sure that the PDO module was installed on the Apache server, and the php.ini file had:

I also removed a conflicting php7 command on the htaccess file.
Then the site worked like a charm.
A3020 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd double check whether all files have been copied correctly.