Unable to input card details

I am unable to input card details to buy an item I have created. I have posted this previously in another category, but I think this is the correct one? Anyway...

I have installed concrete5, community store and sommunity store square integration. I have also installed the Pixel2 theme if that matters.

When i got to buy this item, it see a buy button. http://widp.org/index.php/buy-widp...

I click this button, and it takes me to the checkout.

I fill in address details correctly, and click next.

I am scrolled to credit card details (which are now populated on the same page) with no boxes to input the details. I submit anyway (because I thought this might be how it worked for sandbox mode...but i have now tried this is both modes, same result) and get an error that data is missing. When I check the log, I see:

JSON from response body: {"errors":[{"category":"INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR","code":"MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETER","detail":"Missing required parameter.","field":"card_nonce"}]}

I have re-installed the store, theme and square integration just in case but am getting the same. Is there a step I misread?

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
For everything concerning Community Store, you'll get answers quicker by posting either as an issue in the Github Repository or in Slack under the e-commerce channel and mentioning @mesuva