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Hi -

I could use some help and advice for an upgrade issue that I'm having.
I am currently using (from Dashboard) and I've downloaded the 5.5.2 archive.

I followed Adam Johnson's advice for upgrades at


I did all of the steps exactly as specified including the backup and download (saved) the backup etc. I found the latest 5.5.2 in the developers area and downloaded the archive. I then uploaded it to my website root area using FileZilla without problems (lots of files and takes a fairly long time).

I now have the 5.5.2 archive (via FTP) as concrete5.5.2 in my root directory where my present version of the concrete directory is installed.
Using Filezilla I followed the advice steps and renamed my "concrete" folder to "concrete-old" and then renamed "concrete5.5.2" to "concrete" I went back to my dashboard but my dashboard site (nor any of my site) won't load and gives me an error =>
"HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request."

If I rename the archives files back to from concrete to concrete5.5.2, and concrete-old back to concrete - I am returned back to my working Concrete system - with the same upgrade message back on the Dashboard.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks - John

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baryongroup replied on at Permalink Reply
I upgraded a site yesterday and didn't have any issues. What I did was:

* From v5.4.2.2, did a DB/File Backup
* Then upgraded to v5.5.1 via dashboard upgrade. Checked everything out, and it all looked like it upgraded OK
* Once on v5.5.1, did another DB backup, and unzipped 5.5.2 into /updates folder
* Dashboard upgrade 5.5.1 to 5.5.2. Checked everything out, and all looked OK
* Another DB backup / File backup (I like to make sure I can always roll back, so I backup on each step).
jrctech replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks. Your steps worked fine.

It seems that the /update directory needs to retain the concrete5 current update version (Concrete5.5.1, Concrete5.5.2) for updates and that Concrete5 doesn't revert back to using the / root folder Concrete (for updates).... Wasn't aware of this, but seems to make sense, since instead each updated archive contains a standard /concrete directory.

Successfully now updated to Concrete5.5.2 but the label in this Concrete5.org site for my project still shows Concrete 5.5.1. My site internal Dashboard says I'm correctly running concrete 5.5.2 however.

Thanks again for your help.
R / - John
adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for the feedback. I've updated that post to include a note about dashboard upgrades and site.php.
jrctech replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe that if you modify your instructions to simply upload the entire (unzipped) archive into your /update folder (not the root / folder) of your concrete5 site - then the Dashboard features for "Update" button works great!

You don't need to rename anything but you will need to leave the Concrete5 updated archive (i.e. Concrete5.5.2/ inside the /update folder as long as you're using it). So I went from Concrete5 using the /root ... /concrete folder (the default) to now using the /update/Concrete5.5.2 folder inside of my site directory. No renaming required whatsoever - and no "moving" directories around either inside of your site. Apparently the "Update" button was exactly intended to pull a new ConcreteX.X.X archive into usage from the /update directory of your site - which also makes sense to me.

Of course you want to incrementally update each release (performing a Backup before you do so) and check that your site is still working with each new release first.

Thanks R /- John
jrctech replied on at Permalink Reply
It took a couple of days, but the label now in this Concrete5.org site for my project, now shows I'm using Concrete 5.5.2. Apparently there is a couple of day lag between updating my site (Concrete 5.5.2 now) and the Project Label on this Concrete5.org site indicating that I'm using Concrete 5.5.2. This site incorrectly listed my site Project as using "Concrete 5.5.1" for a couple of days, while my site internal Dashboard indicated correctly that I was using "Concrete 5.5.2". But all is fine now and they both indicate that my site is using Concrete 5.5.2.

Thanks for your help and also to the post help from "localplugs" which got me on the right track for upgrades.
R / - John :)