Upgrade problems

Hi Folks!
I'm using C5 for a few months and my website running good. But after i upgrading from 5.1 to 5.2 there is a big problem. I uploaded all data, and then doing the upgrade script thingy. It says "Upgrading ok" After i returned to the dashboard, there is nothing shown. Just a frame, but no text and nothing. When i go the startpage, this page is also blank. What did i do wrong? I uploaded after that the language file, because i thought only language file is missing, but the error stays. Can anybody help me?
Sorry for my bad english"

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lordrobe replied on at Permalink Reply
sorry, it was my fault, after studying the c5 files, i saw that there was a "blocks" folder in the root directory. After deleting this folder, c5 works fine again, i wonder myself, why c5 is parsing this?