upgraded to

And the file manager went missing… oops. How do i get it back? I'm a newbie.

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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello brenna,

You should be able to access it directly, for example:

Is the button missing? or do you get an error message?

Displaying errors on the page, may provide more info:

I hope this helps,
susanlangenes replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello johnpaul, susan here - I'm actually working on the same site as brenna. In the "Files" box in the full dashboard, we have:

File Sets

We can find our image files and file sets just fine, but they are not showing up on the front end of the site where they're supposed to be *unless we are logged in*. I figure this is some sort of permissions issue? I don't get why permissions would have changed on upgrade...

Here's a url where a set of image files is supposed to show up:

When logged in (as an administrator), 45 image thumbnails with captions will show up in a grid in the main content area; otherwise nothing.

Any ideas?
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
You might just have to run through the galleries and reset the permissions on each. You didn't mention an upgrade in your original post. What version did you come from?
brenna replied on at Permalink Reply
The original post was titled upgraded to The upgrade was from Permissions were reset. It's as if the image database did not load or transfer properly. In v there was a 'File Manager'. In this case there isn't one, only 'Search', 'Attributes', and 'File Sets'.