Upgraded to 8.5.2 - getting error

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Getting this error after running upgrade. I can login to the dashboard and access subpages. This error just occurs when accessing the home page.

// Loop until the string is done
// Grab the very next character and load it into a
while (($this->a = $this->getChar()) !== false) {
switch ($this->a) {

// If the string opener (single or double quote) is used
// output it and break out of the while loop-
// The string is finished!
case $stringType:
break 2;

// New lines in strings without line delimiters are bad- actual
// new lines will be represented by the string \n and not the actual
// character, so those will be treated just fine using the switch
// block below.
case "\n":
if ($stringType === '`') {
echo $this->a;
} else {
throw new \RuntimeException('Unclosed string at position: ' . $startpos);

// Escaped characters get picked up here. If it's an escaped new line it's not really needed
case '\\':

// a is a slash. We want to keep it, and the next character,
// unless it's a new line. New lines as actual strings will be
// preserved, but escaped new lines should be reduced.
$this->b = $this->getChar();

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sbbehrman replied on at Permalink Reply
I removed line 479 - throw new \RuntimeException('Unclosed string at position: ' .$startpos);

Page is loading now, but seems to be a bit slow.

Is there something else that needs dealt with or is this the correct approach?

Thanks so much
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Try turning off the CSS and JavaScript Cache in Cache & Speed Settings.
Clear the Cache..
Then put that line 479 back in place..
sbbehrman replied on at Permalink Reply
That appears to work. Thanks so much.
Tried turning the CSS and Javascript cache back on with the previous results again. Just keep that cache off, I guess?