Upgrading Concrete5 Manually

The updated version of Concrete5 is out version 8.3.1, I'm currently running 8.2.1

The Dashboard hasn't been updated with the latest upgrade yet so I've followed the instructions on the Concrete5 website about downloading the zip file and moving all the folders apart from the Concrete one, and then uploading it into the website in the update folder.

I've done this and I get the following message: (I've attached a screen shot of this message)

Unable to retrieve information about this update from concrete5.org. You may upgrade but do so with caution.

I've tried uploading using ASCII mode and BINARY mode but I always get this message.

Can anyone offer some help or tell me how long it normally takes for the dashboard to offer the upgrade automatically.

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weyboat replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't remove any of the folders before putting the extracted folders into the updates folder.
Try it..
Petersewell replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, Just uploaded the whole zip file on a fresh download from concrete5's website and still the same message on the update screen.
Petersewell replied on at Permalink Reply
I have now uploaded the ZIP file as a ZIP file and then used the server to UNZIP it.

This still doesn't work.

Has anyone got any ideas? Or should I just wait for the Dashboard to offer the automatic update?
Petersewell replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I've finally been able to update concrete5 to 8.3.1

I followed a youtube video which explained how to upload the new Concrete Folder and simply rename the current (8.2.1) concrete folder and replace it with the new one.

It worked perfectly.

Much easier than uploading it into the update folder.

Thank you all for your help.
DLeach4512 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm having a similar issue; do you have the link or title to the youtube video??
Petersewell replied on at Permalink Reply

This is the link


When you watch the video you only need to the the uploading of the new concrete folder and then renaming. You DON'T have to upgrade the database using the link the video uses at the end of the clip. This is because Version 8+ does an automatic upgrading of the database.

So to summarise:

You download the new version of concrete5 from the website.

Extract the zip file on your computer
delete all the folders except the concrete folder
Rename the folder sometime like concrete-new
Zip the folder back up
Upload the folder to your server
Extract the folder
Then rename the original concrete folder to something like concrete-old
Then rename the new folder to concrete

and then sign into your concrete website. It did take my website a few minutes to refresh the database but everything is working great.

Then delete the folder concrete-old

All done.

Good luck.