Upgrading from concrete5 to concrete5 8.4.4


since my hosting provider updated the PHP Version on its servers my Website with concrete5 doesn't work anymore and I can't access the dashboard. I tried to upgrade to concrete5 8.4.4 by replacing the concrete folder. When I visit thewww.www.mysite.de/ccm/system/upgrade... concrete5 wants me to install, but I just want to upgrade by using the old database. Has anyone dealt with a problem like this before? Thank you for your help!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You can't upgrade 5.6.x to c5.7 or v8.x

What you can do is upgrade to 5.6.4, which is compatible with php7.2 specifically to extend the life of legacy sites.

5.6.4 only exists on the legacy github. You can download it fromhttps://github.com/concrete5/concrete5-legacy....

If you search back through the forums for 5.6.4, you will find many threads with further details on making that update.
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
I have several 5.6.4 sites running on PHP7.3.1 without issues and have helped several more members update to 5.6.4.
The upgrade to 5.6.4 is relatively straight forward but debugging the addons can be a little more complex.
If you have replaced the concrete folder with 8.4.4 (which does not work on PHP7.3) there maybe a slight complication introduced..
I would be happy to take a look for you if you like?
bfountain replied on at Permalink Reply

You may be able to have the same success I had.

I had a site with Concrete5 version -- I was able to get it up to and then up to 5.6.4; here is how:

From the site's dashboard, backing up the database was a couple of clicks, and "Upgrade Concrete5" got me to with a couple more clicks.

ssh to the server
Make a temporary directory somewhere
$ git clone https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5-legacy...

When it finishes, take only the "web" folder inside that, and move it to inside your existing site's "updates" folder; name it like "concrete5-5.6.4".
For example, /webroots/your.site.com/updates/concrete5-5.6.4

Go browse to your site's dashboard again and hit "Check for Updates"

That worked for me.

So far, I have not yet figured out how I can get all the way to a current 8.x version of Concrete5. I'm up to 5.6.4 and am banging my head on 5.7 right now.

Apparently the data is stored differently from 5.6 to 5.7 so it needs migration... and the Concrete5 people came up with a tool for that.

ssh to the server
Make a temporary directory somewhere
$ git clone https://github.com/concrete5/addon_migration_tool...

When it finishes, take only the "migration_tool" folder (under packages) and move it to inside your existing site's "packages" folder.

Browse to your site's dashboard again and go to Extend Concrete5
and find Migration Tool... click the Install button.

Then, you can follow along with the usage instructions in this video:

When I figure out the rest, I'll post the details... but after reading a bunch of forum threads, here's my plan, once I get the data exported little by painful little:

Note 1: This won't work with PHP 5.3.3 at all. It just crashes ugly. I upgraded PHP to 5.4.45 and the migration tool started working fine.

Note 2: The site I'm dealing with has so much data that the migration tool can only handle exporting about 5% of it at the time, so I might be on this step for a while.

I am pretty sure after inspecting various Concrete5 dispatcher.php files that PHP will need to be upgraded to 5.5.9+ before I can ratchet Concrete5 up to 5.7.x.

It is unclear to me at this point whether I am going to be able to upgrade to 5.7 in place or if we are expected to put a brand new empty installation beside the 5.6.4 one.

Either way (in-place or side-by-side), I believe the next step would be to use that same migration addon, which apparently offers an "Import" option if it recognizes it's running on version 5.7 of Concrete5. That would bring your data in.

At that point, from what I'm seeing, the last two upgrades would be PHP to 7.3 and Concrete5 to 8.x -- I see an 8.4.4 stable and 8.5.0 RC1 out there. Hopefully that will be as simple as replacing the "concrete" folder. We'll see.

Please update your thread if you figure some of this stuff out before I do.