Webhostinghub Install fails

I have a site running on GoDaddy. Due to terrible performance, I looked for a better host provider.

The hosting Page on the Concrete5 site recommends Web Hosting Hub.
After seeing the glowing recommendation for webhostinghub.com, I set up an account and began the migration progress from GoDaddy.

The temporary URL for the site does some crazy stuff, like duplicating the dir names, or adding a series of /////////// into the url.

I reached out to tech support on 5 separate occasions. They were both unable and unwilling to look into it.

I offered to pay them to find a way to fix this. They would not touch it because it was a 3rd party install.

I finally called them and told them that C5 recommends them referring to the Hosting page where they are referred to as a hosting partner. I let them know that this was the sole reason for our choosing them as a host provider. But they were unwilling to help.

I should mention that they were polite about it, just unwilling to dig into it.

I was told that while some people know C5, they dont support 3rd party software or help out with installations.

I need a web host! Can someone recommend one please!

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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello hugostiglitz,

I understand your frustration. I am the Concrete5 advocate for Web Hosting Hub. Tech Support should have advised you that we do provide 3rd party support in our Support Center:

Feel free to seek assistance with Concrete5 there.

I would also be happy to investigate this further, if you could direct message your domain name to me.

Please contact me so we can get your website up and running.
sherri333 replied on at Permalink Reply
I had a similar experience with them. I was also told that they don't provide temporary URLs. The lack of customer support surprised me, considering they are recommended by Concrete5, which has always had extremely good support.

I am also looking for a hosting company for my clients' Concrete5 sites.

Have used BlueHost but they have so many email blacklisting issues, that my clients are requesting to be moved away from them.
johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello sherrir333,

Sorry to hear about your experience with Tech Support, I'm not sure why they did not tell you about your Temporary URL. If you can message me your domain name, I would be happy to review your account and correct the reps that you spoke to.

Everyone who signs up with WebHosting Hub has a Temp URL by default, which can be viewed in your account when you login. Here is the walk-through guide from our Support Center:

I'm the resident Concrete5 evangelist for WebHosting Hub, and my team answers questions posted here:

You can also direct message me for assistance here in the Concrete5 forums.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional issues, as I am happy to help.

Thank you,
John-Paul B.