Welcome page: Feed failed to load, got response code 403


I recently tried upgrading my sites to PHP 7.x (It's presently 7.1), but after the change I get no feed content on the welcome page and I get no add-ons or update information.

This is a platform on a hosing site, not my own installation.

Any suggestions, please?


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Must be an incompatible problem with your php version.
You could go back to the previous php version or upgrade your concrete version to a later one.
GordonS replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry, I should have said that I'd already tried that, but the problem now seems permanent.
Even after reverting I get the 403s.
I've stayed now with 7.1, because my web host is heading towards dropping support for PHP 5.6.