Won't show new updates

I have posted a month or so ago with no solution.

Currently running 8.1.0

This started with me trying to get the conversations block working. It never gets past the spinning loading wheel. Tried removing the block and adding a new one with a no go. In the setting I see nothing that would stop it from working only settings that change how it works.

I then thought well since I am not running the currently version lets start there. The other post stated how the back office of C5 will not complete the install (at the time it was 8.2.1).
GoDaddy is showing no Concrete5 update available.

Finally getting to sit down:
So lets, Fast forward to today.
New version available. 8.3.1 says "The biggest new feature to 8.3.1 is the upgrade path: it's now possible to update from any version as far back as to 8.3.1 directly."

So my question is: Why when in the back office of C5, when I hit "check for updates" does it show nothing newer than 8.2.1, which will not update either due to "invalid token".

I am sensing a bigger system failure.

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dardomorph replied on at Permalink Reply
Totally agree. Ended up scrapping a site in process and starting from scratch with a fresh install of 8.3.1. Not sure I'll live long enough to finish at this point. Slow, slow, slow and full of errors at every turn. Constantly having to re-login. And yes, I did check PHP settings for timeout issues, memory and services. All is there. Beginning to consider going back to 5.6.
clipi replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having the same issue... after updating to 8.2.1 no more updates showing.
Can I update manualy or something? what is wrong?
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

There were bugs that prevented the concrete5 dashboard from downloading and displaying updates. I believe these were fixed in version 8.3.2.

You should be able to update manually from your current version to the latest 8.4.2.

Here are text and video instructions on manually updating concrete5.

One last note on updating, always make a full site backup (site files and database export) before manually or automatically updating please. This protects your site and data in case of an unforeseen problem.
clipi replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks so much for your help!