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Class 'finfo' not found during installation v8.2.1

{"error":{"message":"Class 'finfo' not found"},"errors":["Class 'finfo' not found"]} I use Dreamhost. I enabled PHP fileinfo per Dreamhost instructions: My phprc…

making mp4 files visible on slideshow

all of my slideshow photographs are jpegs. I would like to upload a video in the mp4 format..I can upload but it is not visible. Will someone walk me through how to make visible or another work-around? I appreciate the help

Links Not Working

The links to my pages only work if I login. I've check permissions and all looks correct. What am I missing? (version 8) Even if I manually enter the path to a page it redirects back to the home page.

Install hangs at database install

I'm attempting to install concrete5 8.2.1 on my DreamHost server, and it continues to hang when it goes to install the database. I enter in all the correct information for the server, and a blank database that I've checked to be empty in phpMyAdmin. It be…

Will Concrete 5.6 work ok on PHP 5.6?

Just as the title suggests. My host wants to upgrade my olde PHP 5.3 to 5.6 Will this affect my old concrete sites? Any info would be appreciated.

Image uploader?

Hi, I have two installs of Concrete5 on the same server, one of which uploads and displays images fine however the other one will not upload files properly. Everything uploaded shows as 0.0kb file size and the red "x" displays when trying to use the fi…

Installing Concrete5 on Fatcow, database error

I as well as the fatcow techs get the same error message, "There are already 299 tables in this database. concrete5 must be installed in an empty database.." Every time I've created a brand new database before installation. Any ideas?

Concrete update Error

I have gone into the dashboard to update my version of concrete. I am Currently Running and the update will be Version: Release Date: December 16, 2016 When I click the Download button I get an error reading "An error occurred while d…

import database backup leads to foreign key error

import a backup of a database leads to [code]SQL-Befehl: ALTER TABLE `atBoolean` ADD CONSTRAINT `FK_5D5F70A9A2A82A5D` FOREIGN KEY (`avID`) REFERENCES `AttributeValues` (`avID`) ON DELETE CASCADE MySQL meldet: Dokumentation #1452 - Cannot add …

Community Store addon help with site move

I don't know where else to ask this. I'm trying to move a Concrete5 site with Community Store addon I need to convert the mysql table names to CamelCase from all lower case for CommunityStore. How do I do this? Manually one by one? There is…

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