Installation Help to v8.2.1 or 8.3.2

Currently running and I am thinking of upgrading to v8, is there any reason not to go straight to 8.3.2 or should I go to 8.2.1 first? Just waiting to hear that all my add-ons will work with either of these versions.

Logging in

Good Afternoon, I have been asked to help login to my girlfriends website, Unfortunately she dos not know any login details and when we submit the password reste to her email address it states that it has been sent and has…

Fresh 8.3.2 install, can't sign in

Hello, I have installed C5 8.3.2 with a fresh install, but I can't sign in. I'm getting this error, and I don't know what should I do : Argument 1 passed to Concrete\Core\Permission\IPService::getRangeType() must implement interface IPLib\Address\Ad…

Problem after install with left and right side panels

To get the dashboard and left panel working I had to modify the following code.... added this line $this->template = strval(str_replace("\0", "", $this->template)); Is this a bug? Problem in concrete5-8.4.0RC4 and concrete5-8.3.2 code. …

how to have the dashboard in French ?

Hello, how to have the dashboard in French? I was in the tab "Multilingual Setup" I add in French and the board and always in English.

Need Help Upgrading

Hi, Currently running concrete5 on and having issues uploading images and editing my info. Anyone available to assist with the full upgrade to 7 or better? Thanks, Charlie Brown Drum Major

Upload multiple

I have a Concrete 5 Website and cannot upload multiple anymore. The little green button does not appreare anymore. (See attached Foto) Single datas are still working. What can I do? I demagnifyed the fotos for the website fotogallery. Buth I cannot uplo…

filezilla settings - binary or automatic?

Hi - and sorry for this presumably easy Question, but i can´t find the answer: Should the filezilla settings for upload/download should be choosen as binary or automatic?

copy files from an old c5 to a new sql database

Hello forum, i would like to change our old website from c5 into a new or maybe higher. Hopefully this ist the right place for this post... I will not make the updates, but i don´t wanna loose all the pictures and files and specia…

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