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Running Concrete5 version 7 or 8 from a subdirectory?

Hi, I have installed Concrete5 into a subdirectory (/cms2) on my apache web host with PHP 7. I have also setup my .htaccess file to rewrite urls to /. My .htaccess file is here: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /cms2/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENA…

Image in 8.2

I just installed 8.2 and I am not able to upload any image, it seem to work at beginning then the little bar under the image turn from green to red and the file is alway 0k Any idea will. Be welcome

Update to 8.2 completely broken site PLEASE HELP!

Followed the steps to manually update from 8.1 to 8.2 like I have many times without issue. Update showed in the update page of the dashboard, clicked to apply update and got a blank white screen followed by an HTTP error 500 - saying my website is curren…

Unexpected Error after Upgrade

Hi, I'm running an instance of C5 on a hosted website, installed and upgraded using Softaculous through cPanel. A little while ago, I upgraded to v8.1 when Softaculous offered the option and I've just upgraded again to v8.2 (same route). However, the s…

Updating from to 8

Hi, I've tried to follow the instructions for the upgrade, but it has failed 5 times now. At the update page i get " Unable to retrieve information about this update from You may upgrade but do so with caution." The notes and notices et…

How to install Concrete5.7 manually with different socket?

Hello, I am trying to install a concrete5 site to the hosting of University of Washington. I set up MySQL via Terminal and file system via FileZilla. Then I ran concrete5 and got: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through sock…

Update from 8.1 to 8.2

Hi, I'm using the 8.1 version. The manager says "no update available"... How can I update to the new 8.2 Thanks

Add-On Testing

Hi. I want to buy an Add-On here on the marketplace. But first i want to test it in my local environment before i put it on our productive website. So Can i re-assign an Add-On to another project? Is that possible?

Upgrade from to 8.1.0

So far I have made a full site backup using control panel. I had originally installed C5 using Softalculous. My first question is ... should I upgrade using Softalculous or should I ungrade using the C5 control panel? My second question is abou…

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