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how to update concrete to

Can't seem to upgrade and can't find ANY info on how. Currently have Want to update to 7.0, but can't via dashboard. Already have concrete5.7.0 unzipped in the updates directory. anyone? please advise. current has those annoying er…

How to Install

I have a template purchased via bluehost listing of concrete5 (mojomarket seller). Could someone advise on its installation plans? Thanks, Teresa

Redirecting Back To Old URL when Logging In

Hi C5 Community. Some help on this would be awesome. I've moved a site to a new domain. But when try to login it redirects me back to the old site URL. Any ideas where I clear this in the site files or Database? I'm using 5.7. Thanks, Matt

ASP Style Tags Disabled ??

Hi all. I'm trying to install concrete5, but I get the error ASP Style Tags Disabled I know the error means i'm supposed to disable it, however, my host doesn't support ASP and I cannot continue the install due to this check fail. How can I by…

Problem during installation when installing

I'm facing some issues here with my c5 installation and hope that you can help me out. I was developing a website using MAMP and now i want to put it on my webspace. I wanted to start with a fresh install of c5 on the server but here it already stucks. …


I am trying to install Concrete5 but am getting a message that says "Unable to install database: Unknown storage engine MyISAM" — I am trying to install version 5.6.1 Does this mean I need to install an earlier version? I cannot switch hosts.

Installation error message Concrete5 version 5.6.3

I am trying to install Concrete5 version 5.6.3 on a Windows hosting account and I am getting the following error Warning: rename(\\HOSTING\DFS\20\8\2\5\2071271528\user\sites\\www\NYZ_concrete5_6_3/config/site_install.php, \\HOSTING\DFS\2…


Sooo, my hoster is changing from MySQL to MariaDB soon. Is that good? I know that the two are compatible right now, but I worry a bit that MariaDB goes in one direction and MySQL in the other and I'll have a problem. Does concrete5 stick with MySQL…

Problem with the database after a upgrade

Hi, I'm new in concrete5! I tried to upgrade my installation to concrete5.7.5.2, and after I had made the upgrade, I got the message here below: An unexpected error occurred. An exception occurred while executing 'select count(cID) from Multi…

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