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Broken image links after moving from dev to live

Hi everyone!! I face this weird problem every time i move files on to different server... Every image shows up broken and only the alt-text is showing up. I get them back by editing the block and pressing save. I have to do this for every image and …

Converting template into Concrete5

Hi, I have a template that I would like to be converted into concrete5.7 and need help with this. The template is called MUNTER and can be seen here Its html and bootstrap

Manual backup and restore to a different domain name

I'm running C5.6 I can't do a backup from the C5 dashboard because it times out and I'm on shared hosting and can't do much with whatever it takes to make that work. So what would I need to do to backup via my hosting cPanel/PHPMyAdmin or FTP? I'm …

MYISAM support

Hello all. Am I correct in assuming that after concrete5.6.x, there are no plans to reimplement MYISAM engine support? If I use a hosting service that doesn't offer INNODB should I switch to a different CMS? Thanks in advance.

Upgrade from to ???

What is the best approach to upgrading a site from to a more recent version? Which version should I go to? What are the risks? The existing site has some performance issues and I want to see if they have been corrected in more recent version…

Some purchased license not showing up on my project page

Hi, I am new here. I had start working with concrete5 with a special project. I have a license for Internationalization, but these are not showing up on my project page. There is a connection form the project to the community and the licenses are asign…

upgraded an add on and now i have big problems :(

hi, after upgrading to the latest version of the add on page list thumbnail views, the thumbnails do not show on my site i would like to know how to fix this or how to downgrade back to the version i had...please help me ..... i think it may b…

Add-on Update Notifications

It would be really nice if you could get notifications on a given add-on if that add-on was installed manually instead of through the community connection in the dashboard. Also, the ability to download a given add-on manually should always be an option.

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