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Says needs newer PHP version but it already is?

Hello folks, I am new to Concrete5 and I am trying to install it and I get an error that says "concrete5 requires PHP 5.3.3+ to run" but my server already is at "5.4.37"...any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Concrete5 Compatible With Heroku?

Hey Guys! I am brand new to php and concrete5. I have been over in rails land, but I am looking for a quick platform for a client that needs a solid CMS. I deployed my app to heroku but I am getting a "writeable files and configuration directories" err…

Theme Not Associating with Project

Hello, I have purchased the theme “Corporate”, but when I try to associate this with my project, it does not appear on my "Add Funtionality" section on my dashboard of my website ( When I attempt to install it manually, it does ap…

install c5 Version with PHP-LPM

Hello, I'm trying to install C5 Version with PHP-LPM and Mariadb on Centos 7. and a file is missing (site_install.php)in the C5 package. The following messages appear : {"error":{"message":"Concrete\\Controller\\Install::run_routine(): Fa…

ASP Style Tags Disabled - Yahoo Hosting

Greetings, I'm having an issue with installation. Im stuck at the ASP Style Tags and have gone around the web researching this issue. It is a known issue that yahoo dislikes .htaccess files so I am unable to use some of the solutions I have found. Im at …


I need to translate my site into Greek from English. Does this system support multi language?

Remote MySQL from cPanel

Hi, I want to have a database on server 1, while server 2 hosts the websites, images etc. Both cPanel. Is there any tutorials on how to do this? Thanks Ross

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