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Installing Upgrade Results in no Toolbar

Hi all, New here and not the best with knowledge on C5, but plenty of bespoke PHP/JS knowledge. I've tried solving this issue but to no avail.. Site was, with the older looking dashboard, working fine and no issues - however jquery was on a …

5.7.1 Install - SQL Error - Database Setup

FTP upload fine. Test page fine. Database error on setup: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ' domain'@'' (using password: YES) Please help!

Internal Server error

I have encountered a small problem at the installation of, The problem really is not a major one, In my test installation of new C5 So I choose the installation with content. But each time, it becomes a server error of 3 attempted… installation error.

Just installed on my remote server , running LAMP. During the install I receive an error just as its creating the database tables. I've dumped my database and created it again a couple of times and still get the same error. I managed to get it run…

install error

I've got no idea I've installed 5.7.0. without any problems before I've upgraded it to wish I din't. After that I had all sorts of problems. So I've tried installing vanilla ( under a differnt domain )that doesnt work an array of erro… doesnt install

Following errors occur: #0 [internal function]: Whoops\Run->handleError(2, 'file_put_conten...', '/home/n1els/dom...', 71, Array) #1 /home/n1els/domains/…

Installing from - From A Mac - FATAL ERROR

Greetings - I am using C5 v. The application is hosted on Hostgator and I'm on a Mac running the site. I want to update C5 to v. but I have no server experience at all. Through my control panel I have access to my file structur…

Hide the subdirectory URL

I try to hidde the subdir URL, I try follow the instructions of the how too hidde the subdir but seems there is for some older version. not working for 5.7.04

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