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Problem during installation when installing

I'm facing some issues here with my c5 installation and hope that you can help me out. I was developing a website using MAMP and now i want to put it on my webspace. I wanted to start with a fresh install of c5 on the server but here it already stucks. …


I am trying to install Concrete5 but am getting a message that says "Unable to install database: Unknown storage engine MyISAM" — I am trying to install version 5.6.1 Does this mean I need to install an earlier version? I cannot switch hosts.

Installation error message Concrete5 version 5.6.3

I am trying to install Concrete5 version 5.6.3 and I am getting the following error Warning: rename(\\HOSTING\DFS\20\8\2\5\2071271528\user\sites\\www\NYZ_concrete5_6_3/config/site_install.php, \\HOSTING\DFS\20\8\2\5\2071271528\user\sites…


Sooo, my hoster is changing from MySQL to MariaDB soon. Is that good? I know that the two are compatible right now, but I worry a bit that MariaDB goes in one direction and MySQL in the other and I'll have a problem. Does concrete5 stick with MySQL…

Problem with the database after a upgrade

Hi, I'm new in concrete5! I tried to upgrade my installation to concrete5.7.5.2, and after I had made the upgrade, I got the message here below: An unexpected error occurred. An exception occurred while executing 'select count(cID) from Multi…

Upgraded from 5602 to 5633 -- Blank Dashboard Now

I did an automatic update yesterday and since then the Dashboard will no longer populate. I can see the Dashboard title bar just fine and the website works fine. The Dashboard window appears, but its just blank inside. Everything I have tried, and googled…

Upgrade: necessary between versions?

What between versions must be necessarily installed during the upgrade? Where can I find this information? to ? Best regards uli

Install Concrete5

Hi all, I get the following error message when trying to install C5: concrete5 installieren Version {"error":false}{"error":{"message":"Directive 'register_globals' is no longer available in PHP"},"errors":["Directive 'register_globals' …

Lost concrete5

Aloha--I've been using concrete5 for about five years. Today I see that everything I built is gone, and I'm unable to log in to concrete5 admin--it doesn't recognize my password or email. The site is and the host is Hostmonster. Thank you!

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