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C5 looking for default.php and view.php in two different locations.

Hello, somewhat new to web dev here so bear with me. I installed concrete and was having trouble getting view.php to work before I realized I was putting it in the wrong directory (public_html/themes/theme-name as opposed to public_html/concrete/themes/t…

Can't reset Admin password

Although I have found lots of messages on the forums about how to reset the admin password when the user account does not receive emails, the solutions I found there do not work for me. The commonly recommended soloution is to login as the DB admin and…

File Manager shows error

Hey guys, When opening the file manager, it shows an error in the size column: "Wrong format... missing 0". Also, when opening the file manager from an editing context, it never stops loading and nothing shows. When uploading a file, I get an empty pag…

C5 site launched but causing issues

Hi All, I just launched a C5 site from the root directory. The site was an HTML site prior and here are the issues I'm seeing. Link to the ocCommerce admin area is not working. I get the C5 error page instead. The osCommerce store is located in a subfo…

database error

encounter a problem while installing C5 (Version, it pop up the message "Unable to install database: Can't create table 'hdm1390449_db.Queues' (errno: 121)" after creating databse. any help will be appreciated.

The site on iPad or smartphone

I have build à new website. On my laptop and computer it's looking good. However on my iPad and smartphone it's à mess. How can I solve this. Plesse help me Gr. Marmart

Sub Domains New Domains OMG! SOS

hi all, i moved my website to another folder on my server in hopes of pointing a new domain to it.... the old domain is now being used for another site. Is there a plugin or any advice out there about how to make this work!? Thank you all~

Cannot Find Driver - While Installing C5.7 for reference Attached is the screenshot. Passed all tests, and db stuff is only removed for screenshot sake.

Blank Edit Bar and 500 Internal Server Error

I have moved a site that worked fine on the development server, but now it having a couple of issues. When I log in to edit, I find the edit bar showing up blank 90% of the time. If I bounce through the menu, I'll finally hit a page that gives me the e…

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