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C5 V5.6XXX still possible install on windows server

Hi looking to install C5 on a windows 2008 server is that even still possible?? know V5.6 works on linux but just curious I have a windows server for other things and though this could save money for my client?? is it possible?? if s…

Error 42000

Error :- Unable to install database: 42000. Trace: #0 [internal function]: Concrete\Core\Package\StartingPointPackage->install_database() #1 C:\Apache24\htdocs\public_html\concrete5.7.5.9\concrete\controllers\install.php(294): call_user_func(Array) #…

Ecommerce update

Hi, I just updated the ecommerce add on and am now receiving error messages on my site. I can't log in to change anything. Help!!

No Install Styles

I tried installing a blank C5 install on MAMP like I've done umteen times before, but there isn't any styles and it won't let me install. I updated MAMP and have tried multiple versions of concrete, but nothing seems to work. See attachment

cannot see installed theme

I have two themes that are showing in currently installed page (add Functionality) One theme (Baseline) even though showing on this page will not appear in the Themes page under currently Installed themes. i am then unable to activate that theme or dele…

wierd characters in home page

hello everyone, i think I have a strange problem. The installation went fine, but when I continue to the site... there are some weird characters shown. I tried a wordpress site on this went fine. the url is…


HI I am totally new to Concrete5 and have just purchased Canticle to build my website. I'm having difficulty getting it to instal. I have downloaded the file to my desktop, but when I try to search for the file from within my website cpanel, I don't se…


This happens after I fill in info during install, have tried different user for database... please help. An exception occurred while executing 'select gasID, gasHandle, pkgID, gasName from GatheringDataSources where gasHandle = ?' with params ["page"… -> update fails before download

I've verified that both the packages and updates folders have write permissions. Error message is the cryptic "An error occurred while downloading the package." Is there somewhere I can look for more detail as to what's actually happening? The error appea…

temporary url

Hi - I am building a new site for a client in C5. What is the best way to build the site (keeping the old site active) on a new server that would launch after client approval. Can I use a temporary URL that would be replaced?

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