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Updating Concrete5

I have version 8.4.4 and want to update this to the latest version, however when I click the link update Concrete5 from the main menu Check for Update it tells me there are no updates ready to be installed, when I know 8.5 is out

Issue with upgrading from to

I'm trying to upgrade a friend's website from to 8.5.1 and also upgrade to PHP7. The site is fairly simple with a dozen pages and a dozen blog posts. From what I saw online, I need to update to first before updating to 8.x. Making tha…

Upgrading from 8.4.5 to 8.5.1

Can I upgrade directly to 8.5.1? I noticed release notes about 8.5.0 but only see download for 8.5.1. Thank you Joe

Argument 1 error when migrating site

Hey I am getting this one error when loading my page and i can't for the life of me figure out why my database is not functioning correctly. i have updated my database file with the new database and credentials and still i get this error. Argument 1 p…

Non-zero exit status returned by script.

My site has just been moved to PLESK. Site is down returning Error 500. I am seeing "Non-zero exit status returned by script" when looking for C5 status internally. Any answers?..

Cannot import database to host after 5.7.13 to 8.5.1

Hello - I'm hoping that someone can help with this. I've got several sites that have been updated in Mamp from 5.7.13 to 8.5.1. This wasn't a smooth process, however, I've hit a roadblock trying to upload the database from MAMP to the live web host - I ke…

Softaculous Auto Installer and 8.5.0 and 8.5.1

My hosting Company (TMDHosting) uses Softaculous Auto Installer, and they have both been very good to me. When 8.5.0 came out I contacted Softaculous Auto Installer and they said that there was insulation problems with 8.5.0 and they would contact me when…

Help! Site down after server upgrade!

My site '' has been running reliably for years. A couple of days ago my web service provider,, upgraded the server to PHP 7.2. Now site is returning a blank screen and I can't log into the C5 admin page. The customer service…

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