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Upgrading Concrete Website to Latest Version

What is the most efficient way to update a Concrete based website to the latest version? When I log into the site it mentions the need to update to the latest version but when clicking on the link for additional information on how, it goes no where. So I …

MySQL error when importing the database from local to online host

Hello. I am getting the following error when I am trying to import the local database to an online environment. I am using Concrete5 8.5.2 and Mamp Pro 5.5.1 on MacOS Mojave. [code] SQL-query: CREATE TABLE `AreaLayoutPresets` ( `arLayoutPre…

Cant connect my webpage to community

When I login with correct username and password it just loads my page into the frame where login buttons were and is not logging me in. Don't even know where to start debugging it. Is that because I don't have https enabled yet?

Clean install

Hi everyone, After several upgrades my Concrete5 instance is totally corrupted. Can I remove concrete5 and app licences from my the current installation, drop everything and apply licences again to a new instance? Cheers Przemyslaw

Community Store

Hey everybody, I have attempted to install Community Store v.2.1.10 on a Concrete5 version 8.5.2 website - it's showing as installed, but when I click on 'Details' I'm getting a massive error message starting 'An exception occurred while executing 'SELEC…

php version

Hey Concrete5, Can someone tell me which PHP version is used in the latest concrete5 8.5.2 cms. Thank you.

Remote update is failing

Hi. Remote updates for Concrete5 have not worked for me in some time. No matter what version of Concrete5 it is unable to connect and get the latest version. I know how to do a manual update. I am tired of doing so, it's extremely labour intensive when…

Updating Concrete5

I'm a novice web designer running an old version of Concrete5 ( I would like help upgrading to a newer version (if it's possible)

Issue with PATH_INFO on NGINX 1.17 with FPM 7.3

Hello everyone, I'm trying to install a fresh copy of Concrete5 8.x. Unfortunately, the error message "PATH_INFO" is displayed again and again. My server setup is: * NGINX 1.17.x * PHP-FPM 7.3.x Here are my current NGINX location blocks: [co…

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