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install error

I've got no idea I've installed 5.7.0. without any problems before I've upgraded it to wish I din't. After that I had all sorts of problems. So I've tried installing vanilla ( under a differnt domain )that doesnt work an array of erro… doesnt install

Following errors occur: #0 [internal function]: Whoops\Run->handleError(2, 'file_put_conten...', '/home/n1els/dom...', 71, Array) #1 /home/n1els/domains/…

Installing from - From A Mac - FATAL ERROR

Greetings - I am using C5 v. The application is hosted on Hostgator and I'm on a Mac running the site. I want to update C5 to v. but I have no server experience at all. Through my control panel I have access to my file structur…

Hide the subdirectory URL

I try to hidde the subdir URL, I try follow the instructions of the how too hidde the subdir but seems there is for some older version. not working for 5.7.04

Moved a site can't log in now?

I copied a site from our live server to a locahost to do some testing. Everything works except I can't log in for some reason using the same credentials on the old site. Any ideas?

Google Webfont

Hello Can somebody help me to use Google in Concrete5? I use the Slate minimal theme, how can i integrate Google font? where do I insert this codes? 3. Add this code to your website: 4. Integrate the fonts into your CSS: font-family: 'PT Ser…


I am trying to install the latest concrete5 with softaculous (an older version works). but i want the newer version.But I keep getting this: Could not make the query numbered : 169 MySQL Error No : 1071 MySQL Error : Specified key was too long; max k…

Google Tag Manager

I would like to start using the google tag manager. Therefor, I need to add the code AFTER the FIRST tag. Now, in the CMS I can only add code in the header or footer.. Can Concrete5 solve this? Is there a solution?

Dashboard restriction

Hi all I've got a request to beef up the security around the /dashboard login page. My first thought is to restrict the dashboard url by IP address so no unauthorised traffic can access the login form but I'm struggling to get teh htaccess right con…

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