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Empty sitemap after upgrading to concrete5 8

Hi, When I upgrade from concrete5.7.5.11 to concrete5-8.0.0 my sitemap coming empty (view sitemap empty attached file). I only see my sitemap if I check "Include System Pages in Sitemap" checkbox. Additionnally when I go to index.php/dashboard/syste…

Installing on local testing server

Can anyone point me in the right direction - I am trying to install conceter5 v8.0 on my local testing server running PHP v5.6 and Apache, but installation crashes after database page completed. Page fills with error lines. Any help woul dbe appreciated.

Cannot Install

When I try to install version on Windows 10 I have to save a file called install and then I hit install again and get this page: well now the page closed itself??? I have attached the file I had to download and whn I open it in notepad ++ it is re…

Confused about hosting

I've used C5 before in the past but am a little confused by what they have on their website. Do you have to use their hosting or can I host this on my own server like I used to do before?

5.7.11 to 8.0 - uncaught PDOException

Hi C5, I attempted the upgade from 5.7.11 to 8.0 as follows; 1) downloaded 8.0 archive 2) deleted all content from the archive except the Concrete directory 3) uploaded to public_html/upgrades directory of my site 4) extracted the archive 5) we…

I am now listed with the same project listed multiple times

Due to a bug in version 8, the Join Community feature has a currupted screen and it signed me own multiple times.Is there a way to remove all of those duplicates? Is there a work-around for the bug in the Join Community screen? Thank you, Todd

New Concrete 5.8 and cannot connect to Community

I want to download a theme, however as expected, I have to connect to the community. When I do, I get a corrupted page. Signing in via a browser, I notice several instances of my website: I downloaded the theme (stuc…

Cannot connect to Community

Have an old C5.6 site "" that has somehow lost it's connection to the community. When I view add-on's there is a message that says "The base URL of your site does not match a registered instance of the site. Please click below to authentic…

Remove Community CKEditor before upgrade to version 8

I too had some issues upgrading to version 8. One thing I recommend doing before upgrading is, if you are using the Community CKEditor (which replaces Redactor), uninstall it before doing the upgrade to version 8 (it uses CKEditor by default, so you will …

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