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404 on /index.php/install

I'm trying to install C5 using instruction found at http://localhost/index.php/install, but at point 6 I've 404 error instead of language selection page as described in instructions. I'm using apache 2.4 with php 5.5. In apache logs I see only this tw…

Change C5.7 URL for site

I think I've made a rookie mistake. I initially installed and built my site in a subfolder of my domain like shown below. After reading this link…

C5.6 in wordpress subfolder

Hi, guys and girls! Got a problem with my landing on concrete 5.6. I create it on test domain, it had URL like "http://test_domain", it worked just fine. But then customer asked me to replace c5 site to his main wordpress site as a subfolder. I did it, n…


How can I do for changing panel user or which is the process I am changing my cpanel username.

moving site to root

Hi I am trying to move my installed site to the root of my url. seen the tutorial on here but cannot find the confg/site.php file that is referenced so stuck. Any help appreciated Using latest version of concrete5

installation issue

hi, I'm trying to install concrete5 Version . when i click install concrete after filling in the configurations, it doesn't do anything. it just redirect me to default folder. Then i need to go back to index.php/install/-/setup/ to continue the…

Supports concrete5 request URLs" check hangs

Hello Having problems with the install - cant get past the second stage, everything checks off fine except the "Supports concrete5 request URLs" . I have tried adding rewrites to .htacess. tried adding cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1 to php5.ini. tried fre…


Hi has anyone had success installing concrete on top of ispconfig either via aps or separate install. Every time I try I get failed installation.

Blank website ?

Hi I have just installed concrete and I think there is a problem as the theme is activated but it doesn't show ? Thanks in advance if you can help. Regards

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