Installation Help

Installation Help!!!!(With Nas)

I have a synology Nas ( model no.DS215J) I try to install the concrete5 5.7 . Because the install page is blank But i try to install concrete 5.6 . But I work! How can I solve this problem QQ

Pretty URL's add in user account name, but are pretty

(posting in a more appropriate forum) Hmmmm...I have a brand new site I have set up on a VPS where I set up one user, and that user lives in the /~www directory.... When people go to the URL: ....they are able to click…

Configure Pretty URL and Directory hide.

Hello ! In avoidance of doubts the idea is to make the site addresses looking professional for any C5 version: to become So something like - pretty urls - from a hidden…

Can't connect to the Concrete5 Store to download Formidable,

I have purchase the add on Formidable and can't seem to connect to the concrete5 store to download it to our site. I've emailed [email protected] but have not gotten any assistance or response from them at all. I'm getting very frustrated. There err…

connecting my site to the community

Hi could you please let me know how to start with my site... I have a host and I have concrete5 up and running but I can't seem to get to the concrete5 page where the dashboard is so that I can install the theme I bought....any ideas? Thanks

installation error

Hi, Trying to install the latest version and get this error Class \Concrete\Job\.CheckAutomatedGroups does not exist. any ideas?

Moved in Wamp to on planethoster == > Empty site

Hi I've sanned quite a number of messages to check for possible answer I think. I moved my new and light dev site as the procedure specify. When I connected to the new one the theme and content was not there. I managed to restaure the theme via a …

RE: Help on moving my site live

I'm sure this question has been asked a 1000 times. But here goes. I've finished my lovely Concrete5 website. I'm ready to move it live. I've been working off my www server as I don't have an in-house server. I use bluehost. They are of no help and don't …

Question regarding Uploading database to server via phpMyAdmin

Hi, I had my site Concrete5 site already built on the temporary IP address awaiting for the client to point the DNS to BlueHost. For some reason, things when wrong and not every page was affected correctly and I have Error Code 500 on every page but the…

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