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Worked fine on old server and hosting

After moving my site, I’m having issues with not being able to modify the properties on my pages. It hangs and not error message is given. It also happens when I try to view a previous version of a page. Worked fine on old server and hosting. Currently on…

no dasboard after installing local with WAMP

I installed concrete5 local on a Windows 10 computer and using WAMP Server. After installation I can'nt adit pages, login and dashboard is empty. How could I get this working? Many thanks. Peter

Need help

Not sure where to pose this (am new to all of this) While attempting to reset login password on a project, I inadvertantly deactivated myself as a user. Now, I can not log back in. What do I do?

You don't have permission to access /index.php/

After a fresh install, I encounter many problems: For instance changing the facebook url: You don't have permission to access /index.php/dashboard/system/basics/social/edit_link/1 on this server. Adding a user: You don't have permission to access /ind…

Integrated help system

where is the Integrated help system? at on the script i can't seem to find it and install it at all

Concrete5 & Slow TTFB - Solution!

Hello fellow web developers, I wanted to share my recent experience in developing a new website and having to deal with a terribly slow time to first byte issue. So my troubles started a few months ago when I made the decision that we should really lo…

How to do a Clean Install of Versioin 8

I previously had Concrete5 Version 5.6.3 and now want to do a clean install of Version 8. For safety sake, I made a backup copy of my 5.6.3 database. I aleady moved my text files out of the directory and I have copies of files to upload later. My …

Sitewide header and footer missing

Hello, I can't see my Sitewide header and footer. When I'm editing I can see them, but on the site they where missing. Link: Greetings

Host Blacklisted me for suspicious file

Hi everyone, I've spent an hour today back & forth with my hosting provider who blacklisted my IP for this reason: Your IP address was blocked as it was flagged by our firewall for uploading a potentially malicious file: /home/cthemete/public_html/…

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