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Auto upgrade - latest version

I'm trying to update some of my sites but it seems like I have to do that manually. On all sites I'm stuck at I've traced it to this URL:…

Assigned Purchase to Wrong Site

I just purchased a new add-on for my website, but accidentally assigned it to the wrong one. I haven't yet downloaded it or done anything with it, and am just wondering if I can get that purchase transferred to the other website so that I can use it. T…

Cannot login to dashboard

Hi, I've checked through the forum and there are many similar problems but I can't seem to find one that directly relates to what is happening with what I'm experiencing here. I've uploaded all the htdocs from the dev site to live site. I've transf…

Moving Concrete5 site from Sub Folder to Root Folder site is blank

I am new to both Ubuntu Linux and Concrete5. I setup an Ubuntu server for a website consultant to build our site and they placed it under /var/www/concrete5.4.0.5 and now I want it to be under /var/www. I copied all the files and folders to /var/www a…

Editor Bar Missing on 5.5.0 upgrade - HELP? - SOLVED

Just upgraded to 5.5.0 from Everything seems to be working fine, EXCEPT, the top "editor" bar does not display when viewing site pages, while logged in as either an editor or the super admin. (screenshot 1) If I manually enter the /dashboar…

Calendar Nav

Database error encountered Mysql DB Error: Access denied for user 'ughlycom_extc1'@'localhost' (using password: YES) This script cannot continue until the stated errors are fixed!

Unable to see pages in sitemap

Ok, I am a newby and am having troubles adding pages. I have added them in the site map but whenever I go to view them to make edits I get a 404 error. Is there a setting that I am missing?

PHP 5.3?

Does conrete5 run on PHP 5.3 because 5.2 has no offcial support anymore?

Moving website from c5host to new hosting service

Hello everyone, I need some professional help :) So, I didn't really know anything about C5 till last week, but I have played with the system and quite like it. My situation is this: I have opened an account on the website and s…

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