Installation Help

Moving c5 from sub domain to root domain

I'm about to launch a new site. At the moment the site is in a sub directory On the moving a site instructions in Documentation step 5 states: Move your c5 directory to where you want it to go, (the place where the index.php is) This sug…

Need help installing upgrade

Hi all, I need some help in upgrading to version of Concrete 5. I'm not much of a PHP programmer so explanations are much needed in fixing the following errors when I try to upgrade... [code] Warning: copy() [function.copy]: URL file-ac…

Core Commerce No Billing Page

I have installed core-commerce and everything is going smoothly, except the billing page cannot be found! Please help! Brent

Getting all theme files on new theme purchase!

Recently I purchased a new theme "Legal Tender" for a client's Website,that had Free theme - "Terra Firma2" already installed. After download and install, the Legal Tender theme had same layout as Terra Firma2. What happened to the design as advertised…



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