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File Manager Issue after update

Hello I put together my website for a small business I started. I recently updated my concrete 5 website and now get the folloing error when I try to use the file manager. I am a novice and have no idea what to do. Any advice is appreciated. Fatal…

All pages display login form!

Hey all! I have a site going live this weekend so I have copied my development environment to a test sub-domain. Here is the strange part; now the login form is displayed in place of every page. I have cleared the chache and temp, disabled pretty url's. …

eaccelerator is no longer supported

Can you update the documentation to recommend APC instead as suggesting eaccelerator which is no longer supported in the Zend Framework is obviously pretty confusing!

Dashboard advanced permissions after upgrade

I have recently upgraded from to Upon logging in as admin everything is fine, however, I had custom permissions on the dashboard pages and if a normal user logs in there is no dashboard access. It seems that the dashboard pages have lost…

Can't upgrade to 5.5.2

Trying to upgrade to 5.5.2 from 5.5.1 but when I run the script in localhost/index.php/tools/required/upgrade it tells me I have the latest version 5.5.1. I have tried everything. I have downloaded the 5.5.2 file and put it in my updates folder. Also I…

Problem installing - error message on install [SOLVED]

Hi, I am trying to install Concrete5 to a site, however when it finishes doing the database, I get the following error (when it comes to setting the file/page permissions): [code] Call to a member function getGroupID() on a non-object in /var/www/h…

Upgrade failed

It's a while ago when I clicked on UPDATE but it failed and I don't know the reason and left it for a while like this. The website is running. I can log into the dashboard but before I can do anything an automat…

How do you Update C5.5

In C5 in the dashbord it tells you what version on c5 you are running and you can do an auto update in System and maintainence. How do you check and auto update in C5.5, I cannot see where to do it or how to do it ? thanks

Cant log into dashboard - NEED HELP

I recently updated to Concrete 5. 5 2 1 I believe. However after running a backup and then installing I found that I couldn’t log in the dashboard and edit buttons do not appear, how can I fix this? How do I get access to my dashboard?

hi all

please how do i update my version of concrete,whenever i log into my dashboard a pop-up prompts me to update but when i click on the link it leads to a page saying (this page not found in site).What should i do?

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