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Re-installing my logo

Just moved my site to a new host and the logo is missing. How does this get re-installed? Thanks

Maintenance Mode Problems

I'm looking for help trying to get back into my site while in maintenance mode. After signing in as the "admin" with password, I keep getting "Coming Back Soon" page. I have tried changing the config table SITE_MAINTENANCE_MODE cfValue to 0 and I still ge…

guestbook / comment sort order

Searched the form and was looking at having this block post the latest comment 1st, at the top of the list. Also the form is underneath the comments and you have to scroll down if you have a lot of comments to see the form. Does the Advanced Form block …

Install hangs on "installing dashboard"

Hi, I tried to install on my new WAMP2.2. It hangs on "Installing Dashboard" and I searched the forum. I had no problem with previous WAMP2.2 installations. Instead of replying to all threads, I write my solution right here. When using a …

google+ addon

I keep getting the google+ addon in addon updates; deleted it from project page (didn't add it). Won't install or update. Think it is screwing something up when I try to update version C5. How can I get clear of this thing?

Issue with URL detection

Hello! My page is located at I had an issue with the installation, it said that my cookies were disabled, even though they weren't. If I clicked "Run Tests" again, I would be able to continue, however in the address bar the address had ch…

Setting Up Project Page

I keep trying to log in to set up project page but it keeps looping back around to sign in page. I have changed password and tried about 10 times. What is the problem - can anyone help?

Installation on WAMP stuck on "Installing dashboard"

So this is pretty much the issue, I am installing concrete 5.6 on wamp server, everything is going great until I get to installing dashboard then nothing happens, it just cycles for eternity. So i went on the forums and tried to install 5.5 and still same…

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