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How do I move an installation from a subfolder to the root?

I have a client who wanted us originally to install Concrete in a folder, so the URL would be Now, they've changed their minds and want the install at the root level. Is there an easy way to accomplish this without having to do a …

trying to upgrade tpo 5.5x

Getting this error message? Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 21495808) (tried to allocate 13888218 bytes) in /homepages/44/xxxx/htdocs/karma/concrete/helpers/file.php on line 192

block layout

Hi, newbee question! I would like to be able to add a article to main content area. It should be a grey rectangle(div) with a picture and text runaround. I can make this with html/css but how do i get this in C5? Do i have to program a block? or is th…

Calander app

Hi I was given the files to install the calander app for a client being new to c5 i tried to copy the files to the coresponging folders and that didint seem to work, now i want to remove evertyhing and start over but its telling me that i have to be the s…

Restore data from backup

I have a little problem. I have hosting provider backup file from my concrete5 site, but i don`t have database backup. Can i get my data from this file. Is it in some specific folder or something?

unable to do update after site migration

hello, the subject says it all, I get this error message : formation - headers already sent by (output started at /home/meublesd/public_html/concrete/libraries/marketplace.php:88) in /home/meublesd/public_html/concrete/libraries/view.php on line 833 …

Dreamhost 1-click Install - Ran OK but can't add any content

I'm able to change the theme but not add any content, blocks, etc. It looks like the permissions to the files folder and children are set correctly. When I try to add content, I get a spinner in the center of the screen but never does anything.

Upgrade to 5.5

I have done a number if upgrades to 5.5.x but am having trouble with one today. It is currently running, but when I click "Download" on the Upgrade page, the resulting page (…

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