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Database error encountered Mysql DB Error: Access denied for user 'ughlycom_extc1'@'localhost' (using password: YES) This script cannot continue until the stated errors are fixed!

Unable to see pages in sitemap

Ok, I am a newby and am having troubles adding pages. I have added them in the site map but whenever I go to view them to make edits I get a 404 error. Is there a setting that I am missing?

PHP 5.3?

Does conrete5 run on PHP 5.3 because 5.2 has no offcial support anymore?

Moving website from c5host to new hosting service

Hello everyone, I need some professional help :) So, I didn't really know anything about C5 till last week, but I have played with the system and quite like it. My situation is this: I have opened an account on the website and s…

upgrade to 5.5.0 fails

I am getting this error as I try to pgrade a site.. going from Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /updates/concrete5.5.0/concrete/models/composer_page.php on line 130 Any Suggetions?

new installation after attack

Hi guys, had the bad luck, to get a full attack on my just build website with cookies, backdoors and redirections. Don't know if it is a problem from hoster or concrete5 and it's not more important now. I only have some questions now, how to deal with…

Update to 5.5

Hello, I was going to update my site to 5.5 but says no updates available? Also 5.5 is not available at they continue to offer the last release. My idea was to make up a new site using 5.5 from start. Thanks Michael

New Installation gives the follow error

Hi, After my fresh install I get the following error and see no Concrete 5 website. What am i missing? Thanks. Warning: require_once /MySite/concrete/config/./helpers/concrete/scrapbook.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such …

require_once() errors

Does anyone know how to get rid of these errors? Site doesn't work anymore... ( why is it still referencing concrete5.4.2.1, because I upgraded to concrete5.4.2.2) Thanks for any help. [Fri Dec 23 17:30:21 2011] [error] [client xxx] PHP Warning: re…

SOLVED: can't log in after update to 5.5

Hi, I upgraded - everything went smooth. I have put the site in maintenance mode before the upgrade - but when I try to log in after the upgrade has finished: Only the message, that the site will be back soon (maintenance) is shown, but no dashboard/b…

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