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Unable to install extended background block from marketplace.

I try to upload the file via FTP to Packages as stated. The upload terminates early with incomplete transfer (some folder structure, but basically zero k.) Tried to upload both the zip file and the unzipped files, same result. Error message seems to indic…

working with varoius sites on localserver

Hello. I am new to CMS and servers... So I install Concrete5 on local. I worked on my site. It is Ok. it is online. Now I want to work on a new site on local. And there, I don't know how to poroceede. Do I have to make a new xampp + Concrete5 installat…

Add on not showing up in add blocks list

Have downloaded a new feature content slider that is compatible with 5.5.0. Have installed it. It shows up in the packages folder on the webserve, and as well as in the add functionality window. But when we go to the add block list to add it to a page, it…

Stuck in Maintenance Mode

I don't know what I did but now I am stuck in maintenance mode and unable to find dashboard to make change. Can someone help out. I have read other posts and lookin for simple answer if one exists.

Dashboard - Page not found

Hi all, I tried updating my installation from 5.4.? to 5.5.? and though almost everything went right, it destroyed my theme's menu. I tried fixing it, but instead I destroyed even more. Fortunately I backed everything up, so I uploaded my back-ups a…

Restore from backup error

I get this error when I try to restore from backup: mysql error: [1153: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes] History: Upgraded from to 5.5.2 and for the most part it all went well. I had some issues that I couldn't resolve …

Username and password after migration

I built a site on our development server and after the files and db moved over to the live server, the username and password no longer work. Any ideas as to why this has happened? I have been unable to login to edit. Thanks!


I'm on 5.5.1 and need to update to Use the link on dashboard to do it and I get Page Not Found No page could be found at this address. Back to Home. anyone help

thought I was just updating some ad-ons

Can someone please help me. I got an error when entering my site: How can I fix this?? Thank you An unexpected error occurred. mysql error: [1146: Table 'duboishs_concrete.btSbBlogList' doesn't exist] in EXECUTE("SHOW COLUMNS FROM `btSbBlogLis…

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