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Lazy Days

This is a great theme, put it on my site but could not get the "Edit Page" to show up on the screen so I replaced it with another. If I could cure this I would put it back up. Thanks Michael

Full page cache lifetime - best setting?

Hi all I'm finding that my site (VPS hosted) is slow on the first pageloads, but thereafter it's pretty nippy (with some exceptions, but forget them for now). I've got full page caching turned on, with 120 minutes set as the period. Is it sensible to u…

Can't Edit Site

I have 2 identical websites I transferred from local machine to GoDaddy (deluxe linux hosting). On one site all the files are located in the root. The site looks fine, pretty URL's are working, and I can sign in as admin and edit files fine. The ot…

Upgrading from - solved

Hi all I've posted about this before, but this time I managed to get it to work using the Dashboard upgrade and a bit of code editing. The error in question is this: [code] [Sun Oct 16 19:10:28 2011] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Ca…

Has anyone installed concrete5 version ?

What was the outcome? I just did a one click install on bluehost & when I went to the login page for admin I get errors: Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in /home6/josiebab/public_html/aikasoul/concrete/libraries/request.php on line…

please help, i cant restore my local site to server

Hi I have installed concrete5 on my server and uploaded theme files and the backup of my database, but when i restore the backup file my data are not there, site content is blank. what should i do ? please help !

moving the site to another folder removes the top bar

Hi; The top bar is missing from my site. I have read all the relevant forums and I am still stuck. The problem is not in the theme since moving any theme does the same. It is loading the theme ok since I can see the theme. The problem is not multiple qu…

restore is not working

I have backed up my local database and uploaded it to the new server, restore process successfully done, but site is not showing properly, none of my data are not showing in site. the site is empty admin section is working fine but my data are not there …

New install get error in strpos()

Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in /home2/mudpiesc/public_html/claywithattitude/concrete/libraries/request.php on line 48 any idea about this error? This is a new install in a first time domain.

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