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Blank site when updating

Has anybody experienced a totally blank site when manually uploading the concrete update files? The site went completely blank with no error message whatsoever. I didn't do any changes in codes or anything other than being logged in on the site when it ha…

Marketplace/project page

I have installed a new site and for some reason, its asking me to log into my project page again. I have used the details I know are correct, but it says they are wrong. How can I reset this project page? so that I can apply updates to my website and …

Upgrade 8.1.0 to 8.4.3 - need help

After an upgrade from 8.1.0 to 8.4.3 Exception Occurred: /concrete/src/File/Image/BasicThumbnailer.php:374 Call to a member function make() on null (0) Please help :-)

First Concrete5 site: email frustration?

Hi All, I am brand new to Concrete5. I have evolved from static sties to MODx and Processwire and now giving Concrete5 a go. I have a new live site, running on Bluehost with the Neat theme. I set up the mail account via Bluehost and have tested the …

8.3.1. to 8.4.2. glitch

I tried to do a manual update, had a folder called concrete5.8.4.2 and it contained just a concrete folder as the manual update instructions pointed out. There is also a concrete5.8.2.1_remote_updater folder and a concrete5-8.3.1 folder was well. The webs…

CategoryTreeNodeKey does not exist

At server switching, concrete5 did not find a database with a different name at the moment that this text is on the screen: Class \ Concrete \ Core \ Permission \ Key \ CategoryTreeNodeKey does not exist Is the problem solvable?

Issues after site move

After moving my site, I’m having issues with not being able to modify the properties on my pages. It hangs and not error message is given. It also happens when I try to view a previous version of a page. Worked fine on old server and hosting. Currently on…

Issues with moving site to Godaddy.

Never mind... Include file calling google fonts using http vs https. When I moved to godaddy the menu items on the CSS theme are not lining up. Currently running version Regards.

Invalid username or password

I have two sites whose user and password are the same. But after I move my sites to a new server with backup, I can`t login the A site. I try to see the info in database, and I found the user name and password(encrypted) are all the same. But I can only…

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