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no dasboard after installing local with WAMP

I installed concrete5 local on a Windows 10 computer and using WAMP Server. After installation I can'nt adit pages, login and dashboard is empty. How could I get this working? Many thanks. Peter

Need help

Not sure where to pose this (am new to all of this) While attempting to reset login password on a project, I inadvertantly deactivated myself as a user. Now, I can not log back in. What do I do?

You don't have permission to access /index.php/

After a fresh install, I encounter many problems: For instance changing the facebook url: You don't have permission to access /index.php/dashboard/system/basics/social/edit_link/1 on this server. Adding a user: You don't have permission to access /ind…

Integrated help system

where is the Integrated help system? at on the script i can't seem to find it and install it at all

Concrete5 & Slow TTFB - Solution!

Hello fellow web developers, I wanted to share my recent experience in developing a new website and having to deal with a terribly slow time to first byte issue. So my troubles started a few months ago when I made the decision that we should really lo…

How to do a Clean Install of Versioin 8

I previously had Concrete5 Version 5.6.3 and now want to do a clean install of Version 8. For safety sake, I made a backup copy of my 5.6.3 database. I aleady moved my text files out of the directory and I have copies of files to upload later. My …

Sitewide header and footer missing

Hello, I can't see my Sitewide header and footer. When I'm editing I can see them, but on the site they where missing. Link: Greetings

Host Blacklisted me for suspicious file

Hi everyone, I've spent an hour today back & forth with my hosting provider who blacklisted my IP for this reason: Your IP address was blocked as it was flagged by our firewall for uploading a potentially malicious file: /home/cthemete/public_html/…

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