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replicating a production site in Dev mode

I am trying to copy a production site and create a development sandbox. Not sure what step I missed, but when I enter the dev URL it redirects to the production site. Help!

Pages not linked properly

I recently reinstalled my Ubuntu LAMP. I was having problems with the error below until I cleared my /files/cache. The problem now is that my page nav returns a 404. I can view and edit the pages in sitemap - no problem. What are your suggestions? Perm…

Multi-client use ... do you need just one install?

Hi, I'm evaluating C5 and I'm new to CMS's. If we wanted to use C5 for all our client's websites, would we simply have just one install of C5 which is shared by all the clients, or would we need to install C5 for each client separately? Thanks.

Advanced Permissions

My main site and addon domains are exhibiting a "problem" of not getting the drop down for advanced permissions when editing a page. I'm hosted on bluehost and C5 was installed via a script. Is there anything that I can suggest to bluehost to possibly…

Blank page on upgrade

I'm trying to upgrade from 5.2.0 to 5.2.1 and I get a blank page without any error. I copied the concrete dir but I think needs more... am I right?

Addon Domain Problem

I have an addon domain ( that is not redirecting properly. I placed the code suggested in one post (see "Redirect code" below) to try and fix the problem but it did not work. I received an error that said "Page not found" and had a missing ic…

Need permissions help/clarification

I'm somewhat of a 'Nix noob, especially when it comes to permissions. I do OK when I can use the file attributes in Filezilla, but the ownership thing is where I am trapped. At the initial c5 config screen, I have a warning that /config and /data need …

Acess denied login login login

Somebody help me please, site still not working. Under Admin Account: Sitemap Acess Denied File manager Acess denied I must Login on evry page. The most frequently visited pages - Login page.

C5 Newbie instalation help

I'm setting up a new C5 install on IIS7 using php via fastcgi (works fine). Also mySQL installed and running without issue. Putting C5 in place and calling the start index.php to set-up. I get given the following page "No input file specified." …

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