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Concrete 8 - autoloading from \Application\Src

I have an addon which suddenly doesn't work anymore in Concrete 8. I have a custom service provider override registered in /application/config/app.php and this service provider class file resides in the /application/src/MailService/Providers folder. …

Upgrade to no sweat - version 8.0 won't run

Hi C5, Upgraded my site to without a single glitch. Tried to go to version 8.0 from the dashboard but dashboard could not find an update so I went the manual installation route - downloaded version 8.0, removed everything except the concrete … -> dashboard update breaks site

I attempted to update to from -> via the dashboard but got an error on installation [code] syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or '{' or '$' [/code] and now the whole…

blank web page

So I installed concrete and went through the menus, registering etc. database setup fine. Now I am met with a total blank page. The source is total blank as well.

Concrete5 Version 8 Installation Stuck

So my installation is freezing as soon as I put in all my information and click the start button and it never goes past "Beginning Installation". I don't have any error log generated in the root directory and nothing that I can find through cPanel logs. T…

Can't connect to community

I'm running concrete5 on my website but, when I want to connect it to the community I'm getting the errorcode "Invalid site URL." Can anybody tell me how to fix this?

Too many redirects

Hi, as I was editing my brand new site I suddenly could get access anymore. Last thing I did was change a font size in Custom Design. Now I keep getting the message that the browser can't open the page because of too many redirects from the current pa…


This is the worst I have ever encountered cms~~~ When redirected to the URL. Even this rotten CMS to delete all my information! . . It took me a long time to build up! . Because installed this rotten cms. I destroyed the! .

Force links to SSL

I am running version I have added a Let's Encrypt serfiticate to our site and added both URL's in the dashboard. How can I change that all links are by default with https? At the moment if I access the page through https URL it still shows …

Upgrade PHP to 7.0

Hi, I've still got a few 5.6.x.x sites on my server. I want to upgrade PHP to 7.0 Can i expect any problemes with the older versions? Kind regards, Niels

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