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C5 site launched but causing issues

Hi All, I just launched a C5 site from the root directory. The site was an HTML site prior and here are the issues I'm seeing. Link to the ocCommerce admin area is not working. I get the C5 error page instead. The osCommerce store is located in a subfo…

database error

encounter a problem while installing C5 (Version, it pop up the message "Unable to install database: Can't create table 'hdm1390449_db.Queues' (errno: 121)" after creating databse. any help will be appreciated.

The site on iPad or smartphone

I have build à new website. On my laptop and computer it's looking good. However on my iPad and smartphone it's à mess. How can I solve this. Plesse help me Gr. Marmart

Sub Domains New Domains OMG! SOS

hi all, i moved my website to another folder on my server in hopes of pointing a new domain to it.... the old domain is now being used for another site. Is there a plugin or any advice out there about how to make this work!? Thank you all~

Blank Edit Bar and 500 Internal Server Error

I have moved a site that worked fine on the development server, but now it having a couple of issues. When I log in to edit, I find the edit bar showing up blank 90% of the time. If I bounce through the menu, I'll finally hit a page that gives me the e…

Can't install C5 5.7

Hello. I can't install CQ5 on server, where previous version worked fine (5.6, 5.5). here is installation log: #0 /home/user/domains/ …

Concrete5 requires PHP5.1.

I'm getting this error after uploading and browsing to the pages. The host is Lunarpages and the site is running PHPmyadmin version information: 4.0.5. Waiting on technical support to call me back, which may take a while. Is there a coding fix for this? …

How do I remove the Page Password Block?

I have the page password block on a page (that worked great), but now i want to remove the block so a particular user group has access. I am not able to remove it from "edit mode" on the page and can not find help in the forums about how to do this. tha…

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