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Installing Add-ons

I have purchased an add-on and it tells me to unzip file in packages/ directory. OK, I know I am a newbie, but I can't find this directory to copy add-on files to it. Help?

Installing to my hosting server

I just uploaded the latest stable C5 zip file and extracted to : [code] public_html/assets/concrete5 [/code] I'm not sure where to go from here. I did create a C5 datase along with a user for the database and they are now binded. What I am not…

c5 with e-commerce add on

Just started building a new site - with the e-commerce add on. We're working on two PCs and the background is showing white as preferred in one PC and showing a grey grid on the other PC and also on an iPad. It also shows everythi…

Structura Theme - after installation appearence

I have recently purchased a license for the Structura theme. I don't have FTP access for my hosting - I had to use Cpanel to upload the theme to my sites root/packages. I installed it, but it looks like something is quite wrong. Please have a look: …

PayPal Add-ons

Hello, What is the best PayPal odd-on to use on a Concrete5 website? Thanks, Michael

Permissions during installation and later

Preface: I am a graphic artist, not a programmer, so bear with me. In the Installation instructions at we are told to change permissions on files/, config/, packages/ and update…

Bespoke Digital Media - Installation Help

I am a web developer. I have many websites. I Recently heard about concrete 5. I don't know how to install it. can anyone know the steps to install concrete 5. Any kind of help will be appreciated..

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