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MYISAM support

Hello all. Am I correct in assuming that after concrete5.6.x, there are no plans to reimplement MYISAM engine support? If I use a hosting service that doesn't offer INNODB should I switch to a different CMS? Thanks in advance.

Upgrade from to ???

What is the best approach to upgrading a site from to a more recent version? Which version should I go to? What are the risks? The existing site has some performance issues and I want to see if they have been corrected in more recent version…

Some purchased license not showing up on my project page

Hi, I am new here. I had start working with concrete5 with a special project. I have a license for Internationalization, but these are not showing up on my project page. There is a connection form the project to the community and the licenses are asign…

upgraded an add on and now i have big problems :(

hi, after upgrading to the latest version of the add on page list thumbnail views, the thumbnails do not show on my site i would like to know how to fix this or how to downgrade back to the version i had...please help me ..... i think it may b…

Add-on Update Notifications

It would be really nice if you could get notifications on a given add-on if that add-on was installed manually instead of through the community connection in the dashboard. Also, the ability to download a given add-on manually should always be an option.

Using add-ons on live and staging environments

We're seeing that associating the same site in two locations isn't allowed for add-ons. It would be really sweet if licenses for a live site could be extended to the staging site for a given live site.

New to concrete5 encounter Install Errors

Here is the actual error when I Install concrete5 Version, and I checked the tables are added to mySQL database. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance! [code]{"error":{"message":"Concrete\\Controller\\Install::run_routine(): Failed opening req…

upgraded Concrete version and now blocked out

I downloaded the latest version of Concrete 5 and followed directions to back up the current files, which it did with sql. I can;t open that backup though, and it will not allow me to even access my web page at all. How can I can this back to the earlier …

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