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If you've got general approach questions, ask them here. If you can't find your language, go ahead and start a new discussion.

Blog Issue

Good morning, i was able to install and setup my blog, on my website, following this tutorial: No problem, working like a charm. Then i tried to add another blog, o…

Internationalization homepage translate

Hi I'm new to setting up internationalization on a concrete site, I'm using 8.1.0. my goal is to have a translated site with 3 languages (english default, Finnish and Russian). I have gone through documentation and followed various tutorials on how to …

Multilingual issues in 5.8

I've never created a multilingual site before so never had to deal with multiple nodes in 5.7, but now in 5.8 I'm running into stuff I don't understand, and there is no documentation yet on how to deal with this: 1. When I create a new language tree, t…

Forms in multilingual site, localized error messages

(I'm on 8.1.0) I'm still relatively new to concrete, so please excuse my ignorance... I'm trying hard to get a solution for a contact form that is fully localized. I have a multilingula site with DE, EN, FR, IT. DE is the default locale. The form o…

Automatic language switch based on user lang

Hi everyone, I'm having a few problems with multilang. Specifically my site has two languages, a default, let's say en_US, and a second one, de_DE. I'd like to have my site shows in de_DE if the user's lang is in fact de_DE and I've seen this is not happ…

Version 8 Multilingual Search Block

Is the "Search Form Block" which comes installed with v8 multilingual? It does not appear to be. How does one perform a search on a multilingual website that will return results for languages other than the default language?

Internationalization page relationship

if there’s a method of inspecting the relationship between pages across language trees? The page report has it’s strengths but I can’t find an easy way to show relationships or re-link one specific page. I'm using the by now really old

concrete5 translations - new online service

Hello everybody! For those interested in translating concrete5... Since a few days ago, we used to translated concrete5 using the great services offered by Transifex . By the way, we have switched to a new online translation platform, entirely ma…

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