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Form (Express) Different Languages

Hi I created different contact forms (in the same express object) to have the forms in different languages. But when I want to add a form block on a page and I want to chose an entitiy form, the dropdown is empty (see imges)? Does anyone know why the …

Error after changing language

Hi, I have an error after switching to another language: '_' is not a valid locale identifier. The solution mentioned in other topics about Softaculous are not relevant as it is correct stated in the concrete.php file: 'locale' => 'nl_NL'. And it blocks…


Hi, I'm in the french translation team and I sometime receive messages inviting me for translating packages. For example I've received one concerning "Free Map 0.9.1". When translating , it's not so easy to write the exact translation if we don't us…

get all locales

Hi, How can i get current locale on a page?


Hi to all... c8 8.2.1 and 8.3 rc1 since 2 weeks I deal to have multilingual on my site.. but I cant get it working I followed all instructions, saw all viedos (all related to 7.4 version) .. HELPPP After a fresh installation, in multilingual section…

C5-8.2.1: What happens to translation if source file changes?

Hello, Say, I translated a package of version 1.2.3 - I've compiled a language .po file, translated all strings and compiled a binary .mo file. Strings in the .po file are shown tied to exact lines in .php files. Then, the package is update to versi…

Api documents to PDF

hello guys, I need a PDF version of c5's API documents. how can I get it? I actually want it for translation

Community Store Russian Translation

Comrades, I have completed a Russian translation of the Community Store package version 1.3.1 ( ). The developers do not actually provide the package translations, it's done by other devel…

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