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Lahko pomagam pri razvoju foruma

I am from Slovenia. I can help with build this forum. Thanks for approved. Jaz sem Slovenka. Lahko pomagam pri razvoju foruma. Untranslateable messages

Hi everybody, I've just finished updating the translation for and still there are things that need to be translation in different areas (screenshots attached): - IP block - None (block.png) - Dashboard -> Functionality -> Sign in or create an…

Hreflang Implementation

Dear all, I saw for the hreflang Tags to appear on the sourcecode, you need to add following line to the concrete.php in the config folder: [code] 'multilingual' => [ 'set_alternate_hreflang' => true, ] [/code] but i don't see any cha…

Color flag Country in main menu (autonav)

Hi, a little question ... is there a way or is an addon planned to insert little flag country in autonav (at the same level) menu to change site language? Not like the "switch lingua" dropdown? Tanx in advance.

Internalization issue

(I post my question here as requested by the c5hub team - see below) Hi again. I have a better understanding of how the theme works now but encountered in the last 24 hours a bit of an odd problem. In my English and French top navigation menu, th…

User's default language

How to get user's default language set in the user profile, backend set in Users table uDefaultLanguage field? Localization::activeLanguage(); does not bring me that user's default language.

Single page language preservation

On my multilingual website I have now created my first single page named UserDetails with path application/single_pages/user/details for user then to insert the full name, address etc. in a separate users table. When that single page is now entered, th…

Getting the multilingual Locale from Language

I have a string variable $Language with the value "nb" for the Norwegian language. How to get the related Norwegian Locale ie. "nb_NO" from that string? For an object $Lang as an example it's possible to get the related Locale from $Lang->getLocale(…

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