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Hi could anyone help me with this: We have been using concrete5 for a while now, and we are perfectly happy with it. One of our customers' SEO guy have a problem with the language switcher:

"The main problem is that 302s and meta refreshes, are poor substitutes, as they generally will not pass the rankings and search engine value. The only time these redirects are good alternatives is if a webmaster purposefully doesn't want to pass link equity from the old page to the new -"...

What can I tell him not to worry about this?

Thank You!+

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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Which concrete5 version are you using?
Which template are you using for the Switch Language block that's displaying the languages?

Since concrete5 version 8.2.0 the "Flags" template uses URL of pages instead of redirects.

If you are using a template from a 3rd party theme/package you should update its code.