Hi to all...
c8 8.2.1 and 8.3 rc1
since 2 weeks I deal to have multilingual on my site.. but I cant get it working
I followed all instructions, saw all viedos (all related to 7.4 version) .. HELPPP

After a fresh installation, in multilingual section I see that the standard Home page is alread referred to my installation language (italian).. why ?

I've created a newchild page (I named HOME_IT), with slug "it", created under HOME page

I added a new Locale (italian) and referred it to "HOME_IT", with slug "it", but pagelist dropdown does not work (->BUG), and after created, there is no choice to modify the page association (-> BUG ?)

Until now (beside this bugs) it seems to work

If I return to the site I can not manage the menu levels.. so I see always my home page and HOMEIT at the same level. If I let begin the menu from the second level.. I cant'see nothing.

In videos (but related to 7.4).. it was so clear !... define two pages under menu, set up multilingual refeering each page to child menu, setup menu from secodn level

Can anybody help me with step by step instruction ?? or an up to date Video would be welkome


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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Ciao Michele

In previous concrete5 versions the root page (/) wasn't mapped to any language. For instance, if the website had two languages (Italian and English), you had to define two "home pages" (/it and /en), but the root page wasn't mapped to any language.

Latest versions of concrete5 (since 8.0 I think), the homepage (/) is already mapped to a language. concrete5 associates that homepage to the language you defined at the install time.
Only further languages are mapped to pages that are children of the homepage. So, for the example above, you could have "/" mapped to Italian, and "/en" mapped to English.


thepeanutisme replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there an updated video for 5.8? The videos that are available are only 5.7 and the setup has changed for 5.8 versions.