Translations for custom template not being picked up

Hi, for a mutlilingual site I was trying to add my own translated strings. But for some reason they are not being picked up when I load the page. Here is what I did:
- First I added a translated string in my view.php located at blocks/page_list/templates/mytemplate/view.php
<?=t("Click here to read more about this topic")?>

- Then I added these lines using a text editor to my messages.po file located at languages/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES
msgid "Click here to read more about this topic"
msgstr "Hier klicken um mehr ├╝ber diesed Thema zu lesen"

- Afterwards I created a new mo file using
msgfmt -v -o messages.po

But although msgfmt indicated that one additional string was added and translated system strings are displayed just fine, my own addition is still displayed in english language.

Any Idea what I am missing here. Is there another step I need to perform?

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