Would like to help in creating a fr_CA localization

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Hi C5,
Even though I thrive at DIY, the knowledgebase for translation and localization are a little bit all over the place for C5 (no offense! - I know that the effort is a huge, ongoing endeavour) leaving me without being able to draw up a roadmap to achieve my objectives of:
a) having an fr_CA localization that displays the Quebec flag rather than the Canadian flag;
b) having my Formidable forms (which is translation ready) display correctly for fr_CA (I have checked with the developer who told me to add a PO-edit for French which is in part the reason for this post).

I have asked to join the French translation team as a first step but am posting here for additional insights and perhaps a how-to to add a language pack to my site's add-ons.
Any help or advice is appreciated. I am more than willing to do any translation of strings for the core and packages and have time to do so!

Thanks / Merci!
Marc Michaud

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