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Multilingual redirect fatal error !! Help !!

So... strangest error yet. When I'm logged in to my site and visit the root URL (witch should redirect me to my native language) I got a fatal error everytime. It did disapear when I relog it seems but someone might want to look into it.

does concrete5 supports rtl

Hi i know that concrete5 is translated to arabic but im asking about UI of it does it supports rtl thanks in advance

Different content in global area for different language

Hi. I have 2 languages on website and I have some global areas. It works fine for one language but the problem is that I have 2 languages. Can anybody tell me how to setup different content for one language and different for another. I dont want to…

Problem with menu

Hi. I installed an Internationalization add-on and I also created 3 langs. Polish, English and Chinesse. I added a language switcher in home page but when i change language then only current page is changing lang. How to customize menu (auto-nav) for …

UTF-8 not working on UI and TinyMCE (scandinavian alphabet)

This weird problem came to being 'as itself'... It wasn't there before and now the client complained about it. No upgrades to the system has been made. I just upgraded the system to the newest version and the problem still persists. The website templat…

Switch language on home page (cID 1) and stay on this page

Hi, I have 2 language sections which are set under Homepage (cID=1, root of pages). When visitor enters my website he visits Homepage. i want to change default switch_language block behaviour to one which would only change language and force user to s…

Customizing the switch language block

Hi! I ran into some trouble customizing the switch language block. I want to use my custom flags. After some frustration, I have overwritten the default images in the flags folder, and after much searching I found the IMAGE SIZE variable to make t…

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