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If you've got general approach questions, ask them here. If you can't find your language, go ahead and start a new discussion.

I cannot see my page types in the other language tree

Hi, I have a pretty urgent request, I am creating a multiligunal site. I have copied all the english pages under the japan sitemap. They all seem to be working now on the frontend but I have serious problem in the backend. When adding a page typ…

Multilingual registration and login page

Hi everyone! I've created a site using Concrete5, and I liked this cms. I created my own template, and made my site multilingual. Everything works fine, except one thing: I can't find out how to make registration and login page to be multilingual…

Country Flags

If you find the default set of country flags a bit small (16x16), as I do. I have got a set at 24x24. Download the attached zip file , upload to your application folder and unzip. You should now see bigger flags.

Site Interface with error after upgrade from 5.7.3 into

I just updated my concrete5 from 5.7.3 into and then into The upgrade shows success message. What i found not working is the multilingual's translate interface. When I click on the edit button for a language it display the error [code] T…


Hi everyone! I'm using Concrete Always get this error, when I try to use Translate Site Interface after saving file: "Plural rule of merging text domain is not compatible with the current one". English version of site works fine, but Russian shows…

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