Multiple Domain

Is it possible to have a multiple domain site using either multiple domain or domain mapper and utilize internationalization? I am running into some issues concerning trying to use them together. The internationalization plugin requires that the site …

Sitemap bug in Hebrew translation

Hi, I submitted this as a bug, but it would be nice to get some confirms. When I apply the Hebrew translation to any fresh concrete5 install, the sitemap stops functioning (no options menu, no drag and drop reordering). This does not occur in…

Another accentuation problem on C5.4

Hi :) I've read multiple articles about this on the forum but I haven't found any solution to my problem so I've resorted to asking for direct help before going bald from pulling my hair out... I'm a teacher and also the administrator for the websit…

Wired characters with tinyMCE

Hi, I'm quite new to concrete5. Everytime I save content with the tinyMCE the german "Umlaute" like "ä, ü, ö, ..." are displayed as wired chartacters like "ü" (frontend and directly in the database). I've changed the html entity configuration (tinyMCE…

Multilingual Cart

Hi, I am making a transition in an eCommerce site for a client to support several languages, and I am having trouble with the shopping cart. How should I do this? How do I make it so that I can enter products once, but they appear in all languages? And…

No Version Specific Ressources in Transifex?

Does anyone know why we don't have version specific ressources any more in transifex? I remember it used to be "concrete5.6" at the beginning. Now it's just "concrete5 Core". Wouldn't it be essential to be able to differentiate between different versions?

Dashboard style based on language

Hi, I am have two languages installed, English (ltr) and Hebrew (rtl). I have a stylesheet for the dashboard for the rtl, and I would like to use that one when an admin is logged in with Hebrew. How do I do this? Thanks a lot!

Pronews date in different languages

I am building a multilangual site and am using pronews. The problem is that the date of the articles is printed in English. How can I make the language and format of the date depending on the site language?

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