Auto nav with internationalization

Hey I am new to php and concrete5 I added english and estonian pages addon shows on the top two flags: en / et I cant find how to make autonav work correct it should change HOME to KODU(estonian Home) or Portfolio to estonian portfolio, but it a…

t() in attributes when installing packages

I have a doubt about the use of t() in attributes like "package description", "group names" and so on. As far as I know, we must always use t(), but I have realized that it does not work when you are installing package. For example: [code] public func…

Installation error

When i am try to update c5 latest version means to then i got error this error "There was an error unpacking your file. Perhaps you have not uploaded a valid zip file, or you do not have zip installed." Thanks in advance,

Internationalization prevents uninstall of other addon and itself

I tried to uninstall three addons but I get this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MultilingualSection in /home/thison3/public_html/packages/multilingual/models/section.php on line 334 Line 334 is the closing "}" I also can't unistall … new strings for transifex

Hey, we would like to start working on translating the PO file of But the transifex doesn't seem to have new strings added at Japanese team would like to start the translation. Thanks

rewrite after pretty url rewrite

Hey Guys, I would like to redirect only one page depend on browser language and I use this rewrite rules after pretty URL rewriting. RewriteCond %{HTTP:Accept-Language} (en) [NC] RewriteRule ^about/(.*)$ about/en/$1 [R=301,L] But it don't work a…

Translating The site not the dashboard

I have managed to cobble together a messages.po file which appears to be working when I switch the language in the dashboard to be French but I only want the text to be translated when in the French section of the site? I also notice If I switch to Fr…

Filter page list or user list by attribute

Does anyone know of an add-on which will allow a front end site user to filter a page list or a user list by attributes. I would imagine it working something like on this site for the different carpet options: …

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