Sacrife my different address

Sacrife my different address: [url=]Gogloparsers[/url] Del thus topic.

Language on specific Block...

Hi all, i'm building a TRUE bilingual site (translation was done by writers) so all the pages in English were duplicated and translated to French. Now, since my back-end is the original latest version of C5 ( which is in in English how can i…

Specific Block language for bilingual site Help

Hi all, what if i have a true french and english bilingual site with the original in english lastest version of c5 install on my server... How can i make the FORM block (with captcha) change it's default text: "Please type the letters and numbers sh…

Help needed with Internationalization setup of an existing site

Greetings, I've watched the videos and searched the forums, but I can't seem to find an answer to my dilema in getting started with the Internationalization add-on. Specifically, how do I move my existing site to within an "English" folder beneath "Home…

Newest Update Messing Up the Dashboard

Hey Guys, I updated my site to 5.6 Thurdsday and everything was fine, but when I get on it today the dashboard is all shoved to one side. The edit menu and the edit options for blocks are cut off as well. I curious to know if this is because of the upd…

Newest Update Messing Up the Dashboard

Hey guys, I installed 5.6 on my site and now the Dashboard is slammed up on one side, and the Edit menu is only half showing. I don't know if i did something wrong, or its the update. It wasnt doing this yesterday. Thanks, Webmaster64

Concrete5 Chinese Translation

Concrete5 Chinese Translation download from Hi,推荐文件给你 "zh_CN.rar"

toolbar sitemap link not showing dropdown menu.

Ive selected the link in editing preferences for sitemap and this shows fine in the toolbar. The only problem with the sitemap link in toolbar is the dropdown menu for setting permissions, adding page etc does'nt show. Im using 5.4.22

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