Translating frontend only

Hi, Is it possible to translate the packages but keep C5 itself (dashboard) in English? As far as I know you have to have C5 already translated in order to be able to translate other things? Should I use an empty translation file for C5 itself, s…

Adding Members to Groups

Does anyone know if it's possible to add users to a particular group without having to edit each individual profile and adding the group name to the member profile? What I'd like to do is be able to add a group and then edit that group and add in to the …

Wordpress for concrete5

Is there a way to get this block in French. I tried and cannot find anything. I would appreciate any help on that matter. Thank you in advance, Mike.

Translating a package

Hello there, I have a package which I would like to translate to Danish. I have used the t() function throughout my package and have used English strings. I followed the following guide from the documentation:…

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MultilingualSection

Hi everyone! After the installation of the add-on Internationalization (which I had to install manually since I had problems with the normal installation) I cannot create new pages anymore. I got the "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MultilingualSec…


Hi, I have seen many threads on this subject, but no solution. Has anyone managed to fully modify the Concrete5 dashboard to RTL including the TinyMCE Editor? Thanks

Upgrade Translation

Hi, I have a translation for concrete5 for v5.4 or such. How do I upgrade the translation to the newest concrete, without translating everything I already translated again? Thanks.

Form block HTML5 validation

Hello, I made a form using the core form block. I inserted a field of type "email address", as usual. Thing is, the HTML5 validation gives the error message on the system language. As I'm building a multilanguage site, this is not ideal. I can't fin…

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