Concrete5 Chinese Translation

Concrete5 Chinese Translation download from Hi,推荐文件给你 "zh_CN.rar"

toolbar sitemap link not showing dropdown menu.

Ive selected the link in editing preferences for sitemap and this shows fine in the toolbar. The only problem with the sitemap link in toolbar is the dropdown menu for setting permissions, adding page etc does'nt show. Im using 5.4.22

Switch language when user is not logged

Hi, I try to find a way to change the site language (package translation) when the user is not logged. I'm working with 5.6+ and it seems that lot of things have changed. Here my solution that doesn't work, packages are not translated during the ses…

Html 5 validation

Hi, is there anyway to validate this by any chance ? Attribute ccm-passed-value not allowed on element select at this point. This happens with the dropdown box to select language. Many thanks

Internationalization of e-commerce products

Hi, at the moment I have E-shop in one language. How can I add product description in other language? Just installed Internationalization Add-on, but can't find any changes in E-Commerce module. I want that one product could have one stock and different …

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