Force URL Slug

Is there any chance to force always language URL slug? For example, we had three languages, English is not default and we need to always show domain/LANGUAGE/ Now it's default for english is no URL Slug. Did we need to change something in core? We …

Language Switch blok and AutoNav

Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to add the Language Switch block to the Autonav menu... and how? Working on Concrete 5.8.3. Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Luca

(Blog) Topics

Hi, I'm creating a multilingual website with a blog and topics you can choose from . Is there a way to translate the topics so that each language show them in the correct language? The core version I'm working in is: 8.3.2. Hope some one has a brill…

Navigation shows two home pages

Hi, I'm having trouble with the auto-nav block on my bilingual site. The default language front page lists on the other's navigation even though it is set to only show pages beneath its home page. What could be the issue here?

Would like to help in creating a fr_CA localization

Hi C5, Even though I thrive at DIY, the knowledgebase for translation and localization are a little bit all over the place for C5 (no offense! - I know that the effort is a huge, ongoing endeavour) leaving me without being able to draw up a roadmap to a…

get home page of a language

Hi, How can I get Home page of language? I want to get home page of Italian section of my website? Maybe by having language code "it_IT"?

Is the /en path required for a multilingual site?

I'm setting up a multilingual site on v8.3.2. English will be the default language and Spanish is the second language. When adding the Spanish locale, I had the opportunity to enter a slug and used /es. Then I copied the English tree to the Spanish tre…

Bilingual Menu

Hello, I am adding an Arabic version of an already existing English website developed with Concrete5. I have created all pages for Arabic but I don't know how to change the menu. I am very new to Conrete5.

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