Looking for help fixing a corrupt database

I can fill in more detailed background if needed, but the current situation is that we are unable to upgrade our site past 8.1.0. I think that multiple failed upgrade attempts over the past several months, and possibly incomplete restoring of the backups …

Need help finishing my site

Greetings, I hired a small IT company with a freelance designer contracted to update their corporate website to also develop a website for my small business. I hired them because they are a Japanese company and I wanted to make sure the Japanese conte…

Update to my website needed asap

I have had a change in partnership to my LintonBingle.com website and need to have the header and footers modified. I have the new logo and headshot and information ready, just can't make those modifications myself.

Freelance C5 Trainer

Our website is built on C5 and we are looking to train some of our staff on using it - and staying current on SEO and utilization of proper/effective tagging and meta data.


Edited for organizational privacy. Kudos to Ed for solving this crucial issue

Custom Block Plugin Eventbrite Integration

Looking to get a plugin developed for concrete5.7.9 where it will automatically list all the organizers events automatically Eventbrite. They would enter in there User API Key or other keys to auto populate data. Event Name Event Dates Event Descript…

Freelance to build some concrete5 v8+ plugins

Good afternoon, I am looking for someone that is capable of creating a number of version 8+ compatible addons. Specifically I am looking for the person(s) in question to be capable of creating at least one or all of the following: 1. A JavaScript miner…

Looking for a freelancer to be our C5 troubleshooting expert

Hello, Our company (small software company) is looking for a developer who has in-depth experience working with Concrete5 and could quickly become familiar with our web site and how it works. We are OK on the design side of things but can use some …

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