Quick Fix to GMI.org

A couple of weeks ago, while making minor changes to our website, the design changed. We have been unable to fix it and our requests within the community for help have to solved the problem. The website is www.gmi.org. If you look at the ho…

Topic Lists stopped working

Dear Experts, in Topic Lists stopped working as attributes. When I create a custom attribute of "Topic" type and try to connect it to an existing topic list I'm getting an error as follows: You must specify a valid topic tree parent node …

taking bids to build site

I have a small business where I wear most all of the hats, one of which has been webmaster. I learned just enough basic HTML and Dreamweaver to get by. Now that Adobe is putting the screws to us occasional users, it is time for a change. Concrete5 looks p…

PHP Web Developer

A company in the film industry is looking for a skilled web developer to work on a database driven website. Suitable candidates must be skilled and experienced in front and back-end website development. Key Skills / Experience: 3+ years of experience …

Concrete5/Z-Ray Plugin

Looking for a developer interested in developing a Concrete5 plugin for Z-Ray - a new debugging tool for PHP devs we (Zend) are working on. Can't offer payment, but there are other perks :-) Any takers?

Stripe Payment Gateway for Advanced Forms Addon

I am looking to use Stripe as a payment gateway for Advanced Forms submissions instead of Paypal which comes with the package. http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/advanced-forms/ https://youtu.be/w1sMxGD6A4c

Need help to rescue site

My host server power cycled and now my site is just showing: Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0 Can't get into dashboard (same error). I don't have time to troubleshoot.

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