Contractor need to update versions, troubleshoot, etc

We had a website built several years ago in C5 (it's fairly basic - no eCommerce or user accounts or anything), and the developer scared me out of updating versions of PHP and C5 saying things might break. Not sure how true that is, but I didn't want to b…

Migration of non-c5 site to c5

We are a business application software developer. One of our new customers asked if we could also take over hosting and maintenance of their web site. We have used concrete 5 in the past, so I have installed c5, and uploaded all of their existing image…


Looking for a freelance Concrete5 Developer than can do everything from answering simple questions to in-depth projects (and pretty much everything in between. This could work into a full time staff position over time

Web Developer Position, Full-Time :: Mississippi College

Mississippi College ( is looking for a full-time, on-site web developer to join the Public Relations team. To find out more and apply, visit the link below.

Contractor needed ASAP for custom form solution

I am in dire need of someone to complete a 2 form solution for ASAP. The project is already behind and needs to be completed. Here is the scenario.... Homepage has a quote form (external form) with 3 SELECT inputs that are populated from a secondary DB…

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