Did an update and lost my pages! Help!

I updated our Concrete5 software to a newer version to get the backups to work, then it changed the background. So I pushed out a new template, and now i have my pages but they are all empty??? Where did my pages go, or data go?

Looking for UK C5 people

Hi, I am looking to hook up with UK C5 people, if you are interested please PM me Tim

Online order form in Concrete5 connected to Eway payment gateway

Not sure if anyone has any experience (or if it is possible) but have a client keen to link their online form for when members renew to a payment gateway to collect credit card payments. They currently have a form that captures the details but would like …

Help lunching a concrete5 website

Hi We are moving our web Site to concrete5 and need help with it. The site is pretty basic but still it’s a new language for us so we need someone to set it up right first. It is complicated to give details because we need as simple things as the creat…

add site pages for custom theme

Need existing html site pages installed for Concrete5 Account, Dashboard and Theme are competed and set up. Can you add existing site pages, home, about, contact_us, portfolio, etc?? Or show me how?

Multiple Date/Time page Attribute

HI, I'm working on a project that I need a page attribute that will handle multiple Date/Time entries, I have a deadline and am looking for someone to help with this. Please PM me if you think you can help. thanks

SquareUp add-on

Who wants to build an add-on that uses SquareUp's API to accept credit card payments?

Cloning WP plugin features into C5

http://www.sitepoint.com/jetpack-publicize-social-sharing/ I'm looking for these very same features to begin a project with multiple sites. I began building it myself, but found that WP had virtually the same thing I was building already in the Jetpac…

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