Broken web

Newbie to Concrete5

The hosting provider moved this site to a new server (cpanel) after update the site is clutter with Strict Standards: Non-static method Cache::get() should not be called statically in /home/sandhamn/public_html/gasthamn/updates/concrete5.4.2.2/concrete/models/package.php on line 78
Strict Standards: Declaration of BooleanAttributeTypeController::saveKey() should be compatible with AttributeTypeController::saveKey() in /home/sandhamn/public_html/gasthamn/updates/concrete5.4.2.2/concrete/models/attribute/types/boolean/controller.php on line 0

Is there some way to fix this?
On the same server there is 2 more sites that is as I can see works all right.

I´m trying to help a friend with this. Have never worked with Concrete before but familar with web development.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I expect the new server is set up for php7. c5.4.2.2 is ancient and won't work above php5.6. If you configure cpanel for php5.6, that should get past the problem (there could be others lurking to pounce).

Depending on what packages and block templates are used, it may be feasible to update in steps (read the release notes) to c5.6.4.0, which is the most recent version you can update to and is compatible with php7.3. That will also typically give a 30% performance improvement and is a pretty good option for legacy sites.

Updating any further would require redevelopment.
tobbehj replied on at Permalink Reply
I downgraded to version 5.6 and then the other 2 sites started, but this did not want to start. The other 2 are, as I understood, a later version. The websites should be modernized and probably it won´t be Concrete on the new site, so if the job is too extensive so it is not interesting to put down time and work on this site. I would appreciate if you wanted to give me a cost to get the site up and running again.

pixelmargin replied on at Permalink Reply

It's PHP version issue. Try downgrading your PHP version if your hosting allow it.. otherwise you should upgrade the C5 version manually. I can help you on it.. see my conxrete5 gig on fiverr

TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
As the above mentioned you need to use the right version of PHP, probably 5.6

If you want help PM me and i can take a look at it.
cisKaren replied on at Permalink Reply
Please check PM