Building a product database to integrate with Foxy shopping cart

I'm building an ecommerce site using the Foxy shopping cart (, and I will be selling one-off products. Since Foxy doesn't handle inventory management out of the box, I'm looking for someone to build a product database that hooks into some of Foxycart's advanced functionality.

Specifically, I'm looking for the following features:
1. Items have a lock placed on them when added to someone's cart, and are shown as temporarily unavailable (see
2. Items expire from the cart after a specified amount of time (see
3. The product database contains fields that correspond to a product page template, and when an item is added to the database, a page is automatically created
4. The database and the page template are editable by me so that I can add and remove fields in the future. (I can handle all the design work on the page template)
5. Products can have multiple photos that are displayed in a carousel or gallery on the product page. (Could make use of an existing add-on?)

Bonus features:
1. A block like the Pagelist block that will show all the products, but with the locked products marked as temporarily unavailable
2. Ability for the user to filter products/pages in that block by multiple tags
3. Ability for the user to sort products by attributes like price or page publish date

If you're interested in this, please let me know what you think is possible, whether you've worked with Foxy before, and what further info you would need in order to estimate the cost of the project. Thanks!

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