Can't install my purchased theme again

today I bought the "Fundamental" theme for a new web project. Our little riding club has a Contao website made by me several times ago. Now I set the subdomain to change to Concrete5. I want to work on the subdomain until everything is ready. Then I'll change the domain path to the folder, the Concrete5 installation ist in. I decided to buy the Fundamental theme, because it fits most the page layout I want to set. As I never have used it before I did some changes that weren't good. As I recognized I don't come to the layout I wanted, I deinstalled the theme to have the opportunity to reinstall it with a starting point that fit's my project.
Now I can't install it again. In my Concrete5 installation, there is no button for searching themes anymore and when I look up my previous purchases I find the theme, but not a installation package. I only have the option to purchase it again.

What do I have to do to install it WITH the starting point I want to have?


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jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Go to

There you should be able to un-assign it from the site, download a copy and re-assign it again.

I helped a client do this quite a while ago, but that's the basic process...
KKa replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I did exactly this, uploaded it into packages, but there's no possibility to integrate it in the Concrete5 backend.
When I go to "Concrete5 erweitern" -> "Themes" there's the message I sceenshotted. In English: The download of files from the Concrete5 marketplace has been deactivated for this website.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
I have never seen that error - you might have to contact support.

But If you downloaded the package (like I suggested), you can extract the .zip to the /packages/ directory.

Then you should be able to install it here:
KKa replied on at Permalink Reply
How do I contact the support? The support link leaded me to this board. Thought, this IS the support.
My problem is that I don't have much time to set the new page, because the SARS-CoV2 pandemic sets a need for some information/members area/calendar tool, that I can't do with the old web installation. So I need support very urgently.
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you happy with FTP?

If so go to the packages folder on the server and see if the theme is in there.

If it is deleted it, if it's not there you need to upload the package here.

I can help fix this if you message me.
KKa replied on at Permalink Reply
As being a web manager for many years I am very familiar with FTP.
I deleted the package hopefully I'll get it again afterwards, but I only got an error notification as posted before.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
So, if you unassigned the package like I instructed before, you have the .zip file.

Upload that to your hosting, extract it to the /packages directory.

Then go to the install link, not themes - it's a package containing a theme.

That will have nothing to do with the connection to the site. It appears the site support link no longer exists, so your best bet would be to join the Slack channel.

BTW, this is the Jobs board, where you can hire someone to help.
KKa replied on at Permalink Reply
I can't install any package or theme from any source. It's set to not allowed and as I change this in the php file it always overwrites this in the moment I log in to the backend.
I'm sorry if I am in the wrong board. A link "need support" brought me here and as I saw it's a job board I thought here was the right place to set support jobs to the developers.

Some people worte a PM and I wondered if spamming is normal here.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
There is no such "not allowed" setting. Your responses have been all over the place :(

What exact error message do you get when you extract the .package .zip file to /packages and go to ?

I have no idea what you mean by editing the .php (what file are you talking about?) - which has absolutely nothing to do with the repeated instructions above.

The PM messages you have received have been from independent developers (such as myself) offering to help as work.

Most hosting cPanels allow you to upload a .zip file and extract it, so FTP is not even needed in many cases. None of this has *anything* to do with editing files...
KKa replied on at Permalink Reply
I posted a complete answer below for all who tried to help me.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
This is in the 'Jobs' section of the forum. Are you seeking to hire someone to sort this out for you?

You are obviously not a beginner with web servers, but perhaps are over-thinking the problem.

A beginners (as in c5 beginner) mistake not yet mentioned with manual install is that sometimes a package is wrongly uploaded to somewhere 'package' related within the /concrete folder, rather than directly to the /packages folder. Or a theme package is mistakenly uploaded to /concrete/themes rather than /packages. Either can result in strange code errors.
KKa replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi @ all,

the help function of my bought theme lead me to this page and as there was standing "jobs" I thought, these are the support jobs of the vendor of the theme. So I postet here. Sorry, I didn't know better.
I recognized it as there were more and more users writing to me to sell their work helping me and I wondered if they are spamming. Someone then explained to me.

Now it has happened and I am sure I am really wrong here:

I am an web manager since 2000. I wrote html/css pages on my own, afterwards worked with TYPO3, NEOS, Contao (former as typolight) and Wordpress.
Last week we had so many Corona cases in germany that our government decided to make a "lockdown light" for the whole november. I am a member of a little riding club and we have to organize how to feed and train our horses as it is important for the health of some of them. We have to organize without meeting each other. So I had the idea to do this job in concrete5, because I heard of the really responsive backend. I installed a version of it and realized I have not enough time to make all css configuration myself. So I bought a theme via the market I got to, when clicking on the button in the backend.

In my german version at "Seiten und Themes" (translated pages and themes) and at "concrete5 erweitern" (translated extend concrete5) there was a green button to click on. After clicking I got a page, where I could decide if I want to look for something in the market oder to install a even downloaded package. I decided for a theme and some extensions and integrated them. As I was new in concrete5 I tried everything with having in mind to set it new after one hour of trial. After I had learned how to use I deinstallated everything and began again.
Then the problem began: There was no green button anywhere. It has gone away. In a forum I found, that in the concrete5 pendant of what is config.php in other systems it is set, if installing of packages ist allowed or not. I looked for the file and found it - yes, that's it! In the file it was set to "false" (I think the parameters were "false" or "allowed" I read this and did it as described in the forum post) and then of course I could not install anything. Set this to allowed, locked in to the backend again, but there was no green button at all.
Got back to the file - it was reset to "false" again ... and so on. I controlled, when it happened to reset to false and it was exactly the time I locked in to the backend.

Because in the situation of the lockdown we couldn't wait until I solve the problem - we can not let our horses be hungry until I solve it days later - I stopped trying concrete5 and installed a Wordpress and did what I wanted to do. So now we have a Website on that works since the beginning of monday and there is no need to solve the problem anymore.

Meanwhile someone showed me where I can reach the vendor of my theme to try to get the money back I payed on my own for a theme I never used. I wrote it there. Many thanks to all.