Charity DESPERATE for help on portfolio piece web site (full design template & style guide provided)

Hi there,

The base theme and template is there but completion of the project and timing is now beyond critical for this non-profit organisation.

The organisation is committed to the preservation of environment and species, with projects initiated internationally and successful campaigns in place.

I have a full style guide, design template, site map, most of the content and add-on's linked to the project but desperately need your help in putting the jigsaw puzzle together.

There IS room for a creative approach, and creative 'back-end' development but in the first stage I just need about 10 pages to go live ASAP.

The designer has stated that the project is one for the portfolio, so if you are looking for something that may be entered into design competitions, this could be one for you.

The logo is now registered with the Australian and USA trademark offices and we are ready to launch the organisation. Can you help?

All appropriate credit is offered to those who help and sponsor credit if with a company.

Please make contact as soon as you're able, if interested :)

Many thanks for taking the time to consider and making contact.

best, Britt :)

P.S. Site hosted and SSL certificate is attached to the project

An after thought:
- Does C5 show who has done what on each project when it has multiple 'Contributors'?
- Given how busy you are, is it worth trying to create a work flow that allows multiple people to do 'what they can, when they can'?

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm sending you a private message.
iacorrales replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, We can help:

Please contact me at 434-851-3975

Here is some of the work we've done in the past:
you can also find me on skype: my id is: vision2life

Love to work with you and i'm sure you will like our work.

[email protected]