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I have won a project to put together a site for a charity which runs projects in India, Kenya and the Ukraine and need a C5 developer/designer to work with me on it please.
I am happy to use a theme with a twist and can sort a site map, pics, content etc.
The site will be a simple C5 site with generic CMS, but they would like to be able to display some sponsored events they run i.e there is a cycle race through France to raise money for the Kenya project and I would like to be able to show location of the cyclist and possibly some sort of way of donating online. These extras are not essential at this stage though.

Timescales = asap please.

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wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Paul,

I sent you a PM.

Best wishes,
paultagent replied on at Permalink Reply
Many thanks for your help.
jshannon replied on at Permalink Reply
Paul --

First, you really should be more clear on what you guys need. The c5 community is pretty charitable and if it's just a matter of helping you tweak a sitemap and a few other things, I think you'll get lots of offers to help.

If you need a live map with a location of the cyclists (more than a google maps add-on with different pins), that's a different thing. But maybe a google maps plugin can do what you want and you've just spent $40 to complete the project. If you're more clear, people can point you in the right direction, whether it's to sell themselves or tell you how to solve the problem for free.

With that being said, I'm not going to sell myself to Bath. The project I bidded on for you guys was so poorly scoped and managed that I spent a so much time getting clarifications and going back and forth, cutting my rate, more requirements changes, etc. Only to have you guys go MIA for a few months, then a question that I'd already answered, then MIA again.

paultagent replied on at Permalink Reply
You may have noticed that I am now taking the briefing on to avoid Chinese whispers and delays. The project in question has still not been signed off and I suggest you and I speak direct on this one if you are still interested.